Ohhhh CrossFit Kelly…

Fridays at Man O’War CrossFit are “Benchmark Days.” Lately we’ve been doing a different girl benchmark workout every Friday, which has been a lot of fun. I like the challenge of the benchmark workouts because you can see where you are compared to everyone else in the box.

So this past Friday we did Kelly:


And let me tell you, after a week where we re-did the CrossFit Total (which meant new PRs in back squats, push press, and dead lifts), dumbbell box step-ups, front squats, and started the new August challenge with finding your one-rep max in cleans and overhead squats….Kelly is mean to your already-exhausted legs.

But, I’m proud to say this was my first benchmark workout that I was able to do as prescribed–20″ box jumps and 14 lb wall balls! After about the third round my legs were starting to shake and I was taking longer to do the box jumps. However, only once did I stub my toe on the box, so that’s pretty darn good! I finished in 32:14!

Here’s what we were up to the rest of the week:



What’s your favorite CrossFit workout? If you don’t do CrossFit, what’s your favorite way to measure your strength gains?


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