Improvement in Strength

I returned to Lexington Saturday evening, and it was great to be back. While my visit back home was wonderful and full of action (mom’s surgery, visiting CrossFit boxes, meeting up with old friends, lots of riding horses, etc.), I missed M and missed Lexington.

I immediately got back into the swing of things by hitting up Man O’War CrossFit Monday morning. We were doing the CrossFit Total again to measure how much we had grown in strength over the month of July. I was a little worried about my progress, since I missed out on an entire week of consistent training while I was home (though I did get some good workouts in). But I shouldn’t have worried… On July 1, my total was 365. I was excited to discover that I improved by 55 lbs!


I was proud of myself for really pushing it with the weights. It scared me, at first, to think that I was squatting my weight and deadlifting more than my weight, but then I felt pretty badass and strong. Wha What!? 😉

Oh, and did I mention that I sliced my finger Sunday night? Yeah….not fun! I was opening up a can of cat food for M’s cat, Sean, and sliced my pinky right where it meets my palm. It’s been very awkward to keep bandaged, but Tuesday Taylor and I used some tape to help protect it for that day’s WOD, which included pull-ups. See:


I finished this WOD in 21:04, using a band for the pull-ups (I went a little easier because I didn’t want to reopen the cut) and doing 55 lb front squats (as well as working on my handstand push-ups on a box).

These past two workouts have been great confidence boosts for me in regards to my physical strength. I spent the weekend keeping track of the CrossFit Games (learn more by checking out wrap-ups from two of my fave bloggers who got to watch them in person, Tina and Anne) and I’ve just been amazed at the competitors’ strength. I mean, come on…100m walking lunges with 100 lb overhead?? A woman deadlifting 265 lbs?? Srsly!

In the past three months that I’ve been doing CrossFit, I’ve definitely seen a difference in my physical strength, but also feeling like I can do anything. Sure it’s going to take me a while to work up to regular pull-ups, but I feel like I am going to get to a point where I can do pull-ups on my own–I’ve never felt that way before. The sport has given me more confidence in different ways, and for that I’m thankful.

I’ve been lucky to get that boost from riding horses, as well, but this feels a little different for some reason. And volleyball…I never really had a big confidence boost from playing that sport (coaches tend to do that some times).

So, tell me, has a sport ever changed your confidence for the better?



2 thoughts on “Improvement in Strength

  1. I think softball and volleyball have been a good confidence booster. I have a great team, but many of the team-members are older, and they tend to really talk me up, because I’m young, strong and fast. lol.

    • That’s great to have such a fun and supportive team! I still love volleyball, but in high school I didn’t have the most encouraging coaches, so I dropped it so I could focus more on rodeo and showing my horses (since I knew I could do that in college and I wasn’t good enough to play volleyball in college). Now I just play for fun.

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