A Workout with CrossFit Clay United

Thursday I was able to drag bring my sister with me to do a drop-in workout with CrossFit Clay United in Carmel, Ind. They’re actually a branch off of Indy North because that box got so big. It was a little difficult to find the box, but once we did, I found it airy and nice (of course it wasn’t as blasted hot as it was when I visited Indy North).


Scott Saucedo was our coach and one of the co-owners and he was so awesome to work with. The noon class was small, so it was nice to be able to get some individual work with the coach, while not feeling bad about taking time away from the paying members. After warming up with a 400 m run and some plyometrics, it was time to work on the strength portion, which was an EMOTM (every minute on the minute) of 3 deadlifts on the odd minute and 3 bench presses on the even minutes, progressing to about 80% of your one rep max.

I haven’t done a bench press since I started CrossFit (I’d do them on my own at my regular gym) so I wasn’t sure what to expect with those. Scott worked with both Erin and myself on our form for the deadlifts. I discovered I was doing too much of a squat as I came down. Instead, you’re supposed to bend over until the bar hits your knee, then squat straight down, making sure you keep one straight line from the lift off the ground to your mid-thighs at the top, and then back down. After he worked with me on that, I stopped adding weight to my bar and worked with 113 pounds for the last few rounds to focus more on my form. The bench press I got up to 63 pounds, which is pretty darn good for me!

The cardio-portion of the WOD was a 4x500m row circuit. After you completed 500m, you rested for 3 minutes. We recorded our times, then we kept the best and worst times. I’ve done the row machine before, but we only have 2 at MOW (so far), so we don’t do exercises that require rowing (we run instead). Again Scott worked with me on my form–I was leaning too far forward as I came forward. He told me to stay upright and really use my long legs to push off. My splits were: 2:10, 2:11, 2:13, 2:08


(That’s my sister tearing up the row machine with her great form in the lower lefthand corner.)

It didn’t seem like a hard WOD, but my legs were pretty shaky from the entire week’s activities (riding three horses everyday for 7 days straight, at least 75 overhead squats, 6-mile run, etc.). It was a good workout and I was proud of my sister for getting out of her comfort zone with new people and the new workout.

If you’re in Central Indiana, I definitely recommend checking out either Indy North or Clay United! The coaches and the athletes are wonderful and great to learn from. I’m appreciative of both boxes showing me that Hoosier Hospitality that I’ve grown up on.

What’s been your favorite workout when you’re on vacation?

Have you done drop-ins anywhere?


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