Mom’s Surgery Update

I’ve appreciated all of the well-wishes for my mom as she underwent surgery on Monday. I’m happy to say she came home Wednesday afternoon and is progressing really well!

During her Roux-En-Y surgery, they also removed her gall bladder. It was discovered, upon final examination, that it was full of stones, and it was best to go ahead and remove the gall bladder while they were already in there. A family friend, who had the same surgery years ago, said that was a great thing, since doctors had to remove her gall bladder just a few months after her initial surgery. That would not be fun for anyone, let alone my mom.

Mom’s recovery will be slow, but she’ll see progress along the way. Right now she’s still on a mostly liquid diet–2 ounces of some sort of liquid three times a day. But she can have some soft foods as well. For instance, today she had some cream of wheat and some 100% fruit juice (no sugar added) for breakfast, butternut squash soup and jello for lunch, and mashed potatoes and cheese for dinner. She has to learn to eat her small meals in a 30 minute timeframe, which when you’re only eating 2 ounces at a time (and she can’t drink anything while she’s eating, or else she’ll fill up on fluid instead of her meal).

I’ve got her started on some protein shakes because during her walks she was talking about getting shaky and maybe a little light-headed. Well, at the moment she’s not getting a lot of protein in her meals, so I figured it was time to start her on some protein shakes. She already felt a difference with just 4 ounces of my V-Core Vanilla Bean protein shake with 2% milk.

She’s also staying hydrated with either her sippy cup full of water, or I got her a CamelBak water bottle to help her sip water without getting a lot of air in her gut. It’s really easy for patients with bariatric surgery to become dehydrated, so she really has to have water with her at all times.

She’s also making sure she gets up every hour or so and at least walking the length of the house (which is pretty long) and back. She’s going to start walking down the driveway at least once a day if the weather is nice, too, which will be great for her to get some fresh air and natural Vitamin D from the sun. Today’s walk included all four dogs (my two and her two) and one of the horses, Quila, who decided to join us for the walk. The weather was perfect–not too warm, with a great breeze. I think it helped lift my mom’s spirits.

We’re hopeful for continued progress for mom. She’s been getting on the scale every morning and gets excited to see the weight dropping. Of course, right now she’s losing water weight from the swelling in her legs, but hey, a drop in pounds is a drop.

Her first follow-up appointment with her doctor is August 20. She already read when she can start adding foods back into her diet, and she’s looking forward to being able to fix things like her summer squash and puree it for a meal in a couple of weeks.

Meanwhile, I’ve been working to clean the house and re-organize it, along with the barn. Everything has been dusted, floors mopped, stalls stripped and re-bedded, cobwebs removed, blankets washed, etc. It’s been an exhausting week of taking care of the farm, plus ride horses, care for mom (and dad), give riding lessons to my brother-in-law, and try to fit in meeting up with friends…it’s been a great week that I’m happy I’ve been able to spend with my family, but I’m looking forward to being back in Lexington with the husband.(I finally got him to admit he missed me and the pups, ha!)

I have some scenes from my Iphone I’ll share with you from the weekend, as well as my workout with CrossFit Clay United on Thursday. It’s been fun doing drop-in workouts with other boxes, but I’ll be happy to be back in Man O’War on Monday, ready to cuss Taylor. 😉


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