Working Out with Indy CrossFit North

Thank you for the well-wishes for my mom’s surgery. Everything went well and I’ll do a post with an update later this week.

Since I was going to be in Indiana for about a week, I was concerned about missing CrossFit for an entire week. Luckily Taylor (at Man O’War CrossFit) suggested doing a drop-in workout at one of the Central Indiana boxes. I did some research and found CrossFit Indy North in Noblesville, about 30 minutes from my parents’ farm.

If you are following the CrossFit Games, Indy North sent a team and one Masters competitor. Pretty badass. They’ve been around for a few good years, starting out in the owner’s garage before moving into their current box.


(Sorry for the not-so-good photos, I forgot my camera and had to rely on my phone.)


If you’re traveling and wish to get in a workout at a different box, I recommend doing your research early and contacting the box before your travels to see if they will allow a drop-in. Most are receptive and let you get in one workout free.

We warmed up with a 600 m run, outside, and then a set of loosening movements including kettlebell swings, etc. We then went over the strength portion which included a snatch with 2 overhead squats, working up to 80% of your max. The coach, Lindsay, helped me work on my form on my overhead squats. She noticed my left arm would cause me to lean a little going down. She recommended I focus on pointing my armpits forward when I snatched and shrug my shoulders up. Meanwhile, I needed to look higher with my eyes as I squatted down and up. Doing all of this, as well as remembering to tighten my abs, helped a lot. But for the WOD she wanted me to use just the 35 lb bar so I wouldn’t lose my form doing 75 overhead squats.

The WOD:

400 m run
15 overhead squats
5 rounds for time

Most of us performed the WOD outside, with a nice breeze (the A/C was acting up so they had all the doors open). We ran down the street for 200 m then turned around and ran back for the 400 m. I finished in 16:40. Not bad! I’d like to really work on my overhead squats so I can do Nancy as prescribed–65 lbs.

It was a lot of fun working out with a different box. Lindsay said I was welcome to come back any time, which is great.


Thanks to CrossFit Indy North and best of luck to the team at the Games!! I’ll be rooting for my fellow Hoosiers!

2 thoughts on “Working Out with Indy CrossFit North

  1. Oh I missed yesterday’s post, I’m so happy to hear that the surgery went well. It’s always so scary when a loved one has surgery. I’m glad you were able to get in a crossfit workout! I think it would be fun to try another box and see how they do things differently, not that I plan on leaving Taylor for and wod’s in the lexington area!

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