Dally Turns 8!

Today is Dally’s 8th birthday!!! That’s right, my pretty Corgi girl is celebrating turning two whole paws today, and she’s not showing the slightest sign of aging (well, minus the gray hairs sprouting on her face, but we blame LaMesa and Matt for those, and, of course, you don’t mention those to her).

Dally and I in the mountains with Lake Tahoe behind us.

Dally and I in the mountains with Lake Tahoe behind us.

I never would have imagined the world that was opened up to me when this little round ball of fur bunny hopped into my life.

Dallas Mae has been an awesome little buddy to help me through so many things like multiple state moves, loneliness, new jobs, big decisions, broken hearts, tears of sadness and joy, etc.


I never would have thought she’d take me to Reno, Nev., nor back to Tulsa, Okla., to compete on our sport’s largest stage. I was told five years ago or so that she wouldn’t be an agility champion, but in November we proved them all wrong.

She’s my little Snuggle Bug at night–when we go to bed, I spoon Dally, with her head sharing my pillow with mine, and one of my hands rubbing her belly until we both fall asleep.


She loves to get revved up before we cross the start line in agility, she loves her walks in the park, and her swims in the creek.

Today we’ll be hitting up the Bluegrass Barkery for her birthday treats and having a little celebration, and of course a lot of tennie playing. I’m hoping to have eight more years with this little girl.

Dally puppy

(You can read more about my relationship with Dally from our post on The Daily Corgi.)

Happy 8th Birthday, PACH Frontiers Honkytonkbadonkadonk RN, AX, AXJ, NF, MXPB, MXP4, MXJPB, MXJ4, PAX….aka Dallas Mae….aka Dallas Corgi Furr….aka Dally

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