CrossFit Total

Every month at Man O’War CrossFit we have a monthly challenge. June was 3,000 doubleunders, May was 1,000 wall balls, and April was 1,000 burpees. This month’s challenge is a little different–it’s the CrossFit Total.

The CrossFit Total measures your max strength in three core CrossFit moves: the back squat, push press, and the deadlift. We work to max out on one rep for each movement, then record our max. We’ll work on our strength and movements throughout the month and then at the end we’ll go through the total again to see how much we’d increased our strength.


I was excited to test myself on the movements and I was even more excited to see how much I had already grown in my strength. I’ve already improved on my back squat and deadlift (from 115 to 145), but my push press was still at 75. I tried 85–no go. Oh well. If gives me something to work on!

Afterwards we did a short WOD with doubleunders (or singles) and sit-ups. My abs were still hurting from Saturday’s class (our warm-up consisted of sit-ups and crunches with the medicine ball).

So now my goal for July is to improve my strength in all three movements, especially in the push press! And after my workout on Tuesday (more on that later), I realize I need to work more on my pull-ups as well!

What are your July goals?

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