Weekend Scenes from my Phone

Happy Monday, everyone!! It’s July 1st, which means the year is half-way over, but there’s so much life left in 2013! Also, July 1st is my momma’s birthday, so I have to give a shout out to her! Happy birthday, momma!!

This weekend was a pretty fun one, which started with my hubby having Friday off, so we enjoyed ourselves.

We enjoyed a BBQ picnic at the Kentucky Horse Park, watching riders work their horses in Rolex Stadium.

Friday night we joined some friends of ours at a drive-in theater for a double header–Monsters University and Man of Steel. It was a lot of fun. We took the truck, but ended up being able to sit in our chairs on the ground. It did get a little chilly toward the end, and Man of Steel went a little long (the ending could have been cut a lot shorter), but it was a great time. By the time we got home at 3 am, M and I crashed.

Saturday am I took the pups downtown to meet some friends at the Lexington Farmers Market. We munched on donuts from North Lime Donuts (I got the flavor of the month–cherry limeade–but totally forgot to take a pic). The market was packed, and having two short dogs that don’t like to be stepped on means I don’t get to look at much. But I did buy some fresh spinach and mozzarella gnocchi to make for dinner later.

Isn't this fence cute?? We walked by a house that had a real racehorse shoe fence all around it downtown.

Isn’t this fence cute?? We walked by a house that had a real racehorse shoe fence all around it downtown.

And of course, an always fun CrossFit workout at Man O’War CrossFit


Saturday evening was spent celebrating one of my dog training groups’ 30th anniversary at one of the trainer’s houses. This meant lots of running, swimming, and treats for the Stump Kids:


They were exhausted!

The rest of the weekend was spent cleaning the house and doing more yard work. Now we’re ready to tackle the week!

Here was my meal Sunday night, using the gnocchi and making my own tomato sauce (and a side of baked zucchini chips):


How was your weekend? What do you plan to accomplish in this short work week?


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