Running Injuries Update

For a while now I’ve battled some running injuries. Last year there was the IT band, which seemed to heal on its own (thank to more research done by me about what I could do to help the health of my IT band: foam roller, more stretching, more strength in my glutes and hamstrings). This year it was my left knee developing patellar tendonitis towards the end of training for the Run The Bluegrass Half.

Since the half marathon, which was at the end of March, I’ve been going to physical therapy–first to learn more exercises and stretches for my legs (again an issue with lack of strength and flexibility in my legs), then ultrasound therapy directly on my knee.

My legs have gotten much stronger, thanks to the exercises I’ve been doing and also CrossFit. I’m more diligent about stretching throughout the day as well, so my quads’ flexibility has improved quite a bit as well. Now we’re using the ultrasound therapy to break up the constant inflammation and swelling. Thursday morning Ryan (my PT) said it was OK for me to get back to distance training, as long as I keep up the strength and stretching exercises and realize that my knee might always hurt a little after a run, but ice and Ibuprofen will help that. Yay! Fall half marathon(s) anyone??? 😉

But, of course, there’s always a catch…I can’t pinpoint exactly when this started, but my right heel has been bothering me for quite some time now, especially after a run. I’ve been running in Powerstep insoles (rather than going for custom orthodics, which I don’t have the money for), and my shoes are all in decent shape. When I went in to see my sports medicine doctor for a follow-up on my knee at the beginning of the month, he told me to do toe lifts and heel stretches off of a step or curb a few times a day to strengthen my feet/heel area and to stretch all of that as well. I’ve been foam rolling my calves as well, to see if tightness was a factor. And yet, it hasn’t gotten better. After running 5 miles Wednesday, then almost 4 miles with friends Thursday morning, my heel was not a happy camper during my dog agility class Thursday night nor when I woke up this morning to go to CrossFit.

It worked itself out to be a mild pain by the time I walked to the box and did the workout, but when I came home I made sure I stretched, did my toe raises, then foam rolled my calf and iced my heel. I’m going to try to baby it today to see if it’ll calm down.

Both my PT and sports med doctor don’t see if being plantar fasciitis, but I’m always concerned about that.

I’m open to any suggestion about what to do about this new little bug!

What running injuries have you had to overcome when it came to training?


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