CrossFit on the Brain

With all the extra time I have on my hands, I’ve been putting a lot of attention to CrossFit–going to classes more often, learning about the different maneuvers, etc. Last week I hit the box at Man O’War CrossFit five times, taking only Thursday and Sunday (our normal rest day) off. (Thursday I ran 4 miles before my physical therapy appointment and I didn’t want to stress my knee too much that day.)

By Saturday, my body was exhausted. I wasn’t really sore (except in the quads) as I thought I’d be, but it was more exhaustion. What I thought should have been a “not too bad” WOD was rough.

Here were the past four workouts, including this morning’s:

photo (7)

These workouts are all bookended with a 1 mile run to the box and a 1 mile run from the box. It’s nice to live so close to the box, because I can save gas (and be environmentally friendly) all while burning some extra calories (and help work out the lactic acid in my muscles).

In today’s class, we built up our weight for front squats with each 3-rep set. I worked up to 95 lbs, then backed down to 75 for the max reps set (3 times). My knee has been a little sore lately, so I wanted to baby it. The 95 lbs was still pretty tough, and just a small stepping stone for more weight as I continue to get strong. For the max reps, I was able to get in 10, 13, and 15 with the 75 lbs. Not bad!

I’m really enjoying my time working with Taylor and Brenton on my form–I’m often reminded to keep my chest up in the squats and know what I’m doing right and what I need help with.

And, as if right on cue, I saw a link to this article on The Lean Green Bean Blog this morning about seven of the biggest mistakes people make with CrossFit by The Box Magazine, so I wanted to share the valid points with you:

  1. Kipping without base strength. I’ve found that I started kipping on my pull-ups when I’m exhausted. I really need to not do that, so maybe I need to step back and focus on my form on pull-ups by making sure I’m going straight up and straight down.
  2. Cherry-picking WODs. I don’t do this–I just go! I will look at the week’s WODs list on the Facebook page to prepare myself, and I might see what day would be good for my off-day (if there is a lot of one workout that I know my knee can’t do, I might choose an alternative workout that day), but I know I need to work on all of the maneuvers.
  3. Half-assing your workouts. I hate if I think I’m half-assing anything, so I don’t believe I’m guilty of this. I just try to not kill myself too much.
  4. Overtraining. I’ve been there, done that with everything I’ve done, so I’m trying to be conscious of that (hence my off days).
  5. Too much competing, not enough training. When I start to catch myself trying to be faster than someone, I take a moment and remind myself that I’m here to better my strength and form, and doing something fast just to be first doesn’t mean it’s right.
  6. Lack of accountability on range of motion. We’re not pressured with worrying about no-reps right now, but I do remind myself that I need to get my butt lower on squats and I need to work on push-ups on my toes. I’ll admit that I have yet to do a WOD as prescribed. But I need to work up to that (see #2 and 5).
  7. Avoiding scaling for Rx distinction. No worries here–I’m happy to see the scales! I need to have the correct form in order to build my strength to hopefully work as prescribed at some point.

CrossFit is definitely a place where your pride can get in the way of your progress. You have to focus on yourself first–make sure you know what you’re doing is correct and be honest with yourself. It can be pretty humbling, and I’m OK with that.

What’s been your experience with CrossFit? Are you guilty of any of these mistakes? How have you corrected them?

One thought on “CrossFit on the Brain

  1. I skipped today’s workout. Today is a very hard day for me and i new i didn’t have the emotional strength to push through a workout. I think I have been guilty of a lot of these things. I know that I try to be competitive and do the best I can but I need to remember to listen to my body and only do the weight I am able to. After not listening to the instructor about weight for dead lifts I had a sore back for quite a few days. lesson learned.

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