My First Hero WOD

I hope everyone’s week is going well so far. Monday was spent hitting up Man O’War CrossFit for an early morning workout and walk with the pups, as the routine has been lately.

I also helped a friend work on building her own chicken coop. She’s had chickens before, in her urban home, but a raccoon was able to sneak in and kill the last bunch, so this time she’s building a bigger, better coop. (She has a Masters in architecture, so she enjoyed drawing up the plans.) I used to help my dad with a lot of construction projects when I was in high school and college, so it was fun to work with power tools and wood again.

Dally was the quality control supervisor for Joy's work on the saw.

Dally was the quality control supervisor for Joy’s work on the saw.

Today’s CrossFit workout was exciting for me–it was my first Hero WOD! I’ve missed the last couple of benchmark WODs, so when I found out today was a Hero, I was pumped to try it. I had planned on waking up early to fit in a short run, but after not getting home from reffing volleyball until 2 am, I decided it was better to sleep in. So I ran to the box, with plans to run back to get 2 miles. (One of the perks of living near your box!)

Here was the WOD:

photo (4)

Brendon warned us that “Sevens” was tough and only two people in the box have been able to finish all 7 rounds with the prescribed weights in the 35 minute cap–Tara and Iverson. Bad-ass! None of us were working with the prescribed weights, but my personal challenge was to get all 7 rounds done, and I did…in 25:23! I was whooped!


7 Handstand Push-ups
7 Thrusters
7 Knees to Elbows
7 Deadlifts
7 Burpees
7 Kettlebell Swings
7 Pull-ups
7 Rounds

This WOD was named after seven CIA agents who were killed in action by a suicide bomber. These were each of their favorite maneuvers. (It’s pretty cool to know the story behind the Hero workouts–they inspire you to really give it your all, when you know they gave theirs for our country.) You can read more about Hero workouts here: Explain the Hero Workouts

My Rx:

Handstand Push-ups — Toes on the box at 20″
Thrusters — Men’s bar (45 lb)
Knees to Elbows — Knees to Chest
Deadlifts — 85 lbs
Kettlebell Swings — 26 lbs
Pull-ups — Used green rubber band (moving up!)

I was exhausted afterwards and thought maybe I’d just walk home, but when I walked outside, I thought the best way to cap off a Hero workout would be to push myself a little more and run home. It was at a slower pace than running to class, but that’s OK–I did it.

photo (5)

What’s been your latest physical barrier you’ve pushed through?

Have you experienced a Hero WOD yet?


One thought on “My First Hero WOD

  1. Seeing this workout again kind of makes me want to puke. It was so hard! I can’t believe you ran to and from that workout, strong girl! Having a chicken coop sounds awesome, I would love to have my own chickens for fresh eggs.

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