Good News & Good Workouts

So I finally think that the week is ending better than it started. First of all, the good news: the biopsy came back as benign–there doesn’t seem to be any cancerous cells, but the doctor wants to keep an eye on it with regular checkups. That’s perfectly fine with me! Whew! One bullet dodged…

And now for some good workouts. Thursday morning I ran 3.6 miles before I had to head to physical therapy for my knee. We’re now focusing on ultrasound therapy for my knee–I’m still doing the exercises to strengthen my legs, but the ultrasound therapy should help break down the inflammation and swelling that’s still in my knee. After the first session, my knee felt fine–wasn’t sore or anything from my run earlier. And so far, it’s held up to some tough CrossFit workouts, so I think it’s working.

And for the first time I have hit CrossFit four times in a week! Gotta love having a more flexible schedule, right? (One positive look at it…) I missed Thursday’s workout, which stinks because I heard it was killer, but I hit Friday and Saturday’s workout.

Friday, June 14:


Strength: 5 rounds of four Cleans

I was able to do the strength portion with 55 lbs. I might have been able to add more, but I really am trying to focus on getting my form correct first, before adding a bunch of weight. When you add weight, you tend to start to lose your form as you tire, but if you’re diligent about keeping your form, it shouldn’t be too bad.

5 Overhead Squats
100 m Sprint
7 minute AMRAP

I was able to get in seven rounds, plus the five overhead squats, in seven minutes. It was exhausting, though! I used a 35 lb bar for the squats and did tend to lose a little of my form, but Taylor was good at reminding me to keep my elbows locked.

Saturday, June 15:

I was excited about today because M was finally joining me for CrossFit! It was Man O’War CrossFit‘s “Bring a Friend Day”, so he tagged along to see what all the fuss was about. Unfortunately, it was a killer workout to start him off. But the newbies (there was one other) only had to do 10 minutes.

photo (1)

EMOTM 20 Minutes
5 Medicine Ball Cleans
5 Medicine Ball Slams
5 Squat Jumps
Hold plank on forearms for remainder of minute

By the 10 minute mark, I wanted to be done! Again, I was focusing on my form for the cleans, using a 14 lb medicine ball. I’d get anywhere between a 15-20 plank hold every minute. You’d think it wouldn’t be too difficult, but your legs are burning after the first few rounds. M struggled a little, but he did the 10 minutes then rested. I ended up with burns on my elbows from the planks from slipping with sweaty arms. Ouch.

I showed M how to use a foam roller on his legs, since he was saying they felt like Jell-O, plus I figure they’ll be a little sore come tomorrow morning. 😉

So a great way to kick off the weekend–good news and a good sweat!

Real quick, I wanted to share this easy grilled dinner I made Friday night. I simply marinated some chicken breasts in Italian dressing and put them on the grill. Meanwhile, I sliced up a sweet potato into “wedges” and tossed them in some olive oil, sea salt, and nutmeg, then plopped them on the grill (on aluminum foil) while the chicken was cooking. I also sliced up half of a red bell pepper and tossed them in olive oil and grilled for a few more minutes, too.

I put together a quick spinach salad with slivered almonds, reduced-sugar cranberries, carrots, and a little shredded cheese just for a little something more.

And voila!

photo (2)

What’s your favorite easy summer meal?


3 thoughts on “Good News & Good Workouts

    • CrossFit can be for anyone! The coaches are all so supportive and knowledgeable–they’ll take the time to work with you to learn the movements and work on your form. Everyone was an amateur at some point! Try it!!

  1. I did not listen to them last Wednesday and had a sore back for a few days. I thought I was lifting the heavier weight okay but nope! I’m glad M made it to cross fit with you!! I was bummed I couldn’t go Saturday but will be there Monday night after work. I love grilled bell peppers!

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