Double-Unders, Snatches, Dead Lifts & More…. CrossFit!

Despite everything going on in my life right now, I’m still taking time to care for myself and workout. CrossFit has been great to work out the aggression and frustration, too! 😉

So here are two of the past workouts from Man O’War CrossFit:

June 11:


We warmed up with a quick core AMRAP, and let me tell you–Turkish Get Ups at 6:30 am are not fun!! Plus, I was taught to do them a different way, so to do them the way Taylor showed me, with a 17.6 lb kettlebell (when I used to do them with a 10 lb dumbbell) was hard!

I then did the WOD:

Double Unders
Kettlebell swings
1 Wall Climb

My goal for the DUs was to try to do 10 in each round, then the rest singles. I’m lucky I was wearing capris, because I knew I would have had welts on my legs and butt to match the welts on my arms! They hurt so much, but yet I’m determined to figure them out! I did the kettlebell swings with a 26 lb kettlebell, and then I worked on my form (getting my hips closer to the wall) for my wall climb. I think I was finished in 13:34.

Wednesday’s workout was fun because I was finally able to meet Nicole there. Like me, she had always been interested in trying CrossFit, and after reading my posts, she bought a Groupon and has started going to Man O’War! So it was fun to finally get to workout with her on a rare day off for her.

I walked the mile to the box from my house (lucky, I know) as a warm-up. Then the fun began:

photo (1)

After a group warm-up of three 1000m runs with 10 jumping jacks between each set, we stretched then started on the the strength portion of the workout: five sets of 4 deadlifts with medium to heavy weight. I was able to up my weight to 115 lbs! Brendon really had us focus on our form, which was definitely what I needed. With the lighter weight my but would raise higher faster, which is what you don’t want to happen. But as we got to my max weight, my form was better.

Then the WOD:

2 Muscle Ups (or 2 chest to bar with 2 dips)
4 snatches
10 Rounds

Because I can’t do a muscle up, I did the two chest to bar with two dips on the box. Though, I actually did three of each because I felt like my first C2Bs were always a little weak. I moved myself from the wider, thicker purple band to a more narrow green band to give me something to work on. We weren’t doing it for time, so the clock wasn’t running–Brendon wanted us to focus on our form for the snatches more than anything, which is why I just did the 35 lb bar. I felt that I could maybe do more weight on the bar, but I told him that I really wanted to get the technique down first. After the workout, I think I have the snatch down-pat….for now, at least.

This morning I ran 3.6 miles in 33:52 before I headed to my physical therapy appointment–we started ultrasound therapy on my knee today, so I’m hoping that helps the healing process. I’ll let you know how that goes.

What’s the one CrossFit maneuver, or even regular workout maneuver, that you are focusing on this summer to improve? I’m focused on the double unders and more of the Olympic lifts.


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