CrossFit is Making me Feel a Little Stronger

This week in my CrossFit classes at Man O’War CrossFit, I felt strong. Though I learned a valuable lesson when I went to class Tuesday morning at 6:30 that it’s best to eat something with substance before class. See, when I normally run in the mornings before work, I’m usually good with drinking some PoweradeZero before the run and that be it (unless it’s a long training run of more than 6 miles, and then I eat my whole wheat toast and peanut butter). Before class Tuesday I had some PoweradeZero and a couple strawberries, but it wasn’t enough to give me energy and strength to push through the entire WOD (I felt it in the push-ups, but I still completed it).


After warming up with some core workout, here was the WOD:

50 Doubleunders
25 Kettlebell swings (26 lb)
50 Doubleunders
25 Push-ups
50 Doubleunders
25 Knees to Elbow
50 Doubleunders
25 Medicine ball slams (14 lb)
50 Doubleunders
25 Dips
2 Rounds

Killer!! This was my first time doing doubleunders (DUs) ever–and I had the welts on my arms to prove it! But, I have to say they’re actually a lot of fun. You have to get yourself in a rhythm and, as Taylor says, it’s all in the wrists. My goal was to actually to 10 DUs and the rest single jumps, or else I would have been there all day trying to do the DUs. After a while, it’s hard to keep count. I honestly can’t remember how long it took me to finish the WOD. Somewhere around 20 minutes? I just know I was dead! I quickly headed home to shower, fix a protein smoothie, feed the dogs, and be in at work by 8 am. Shew!

Wednesday’s WOD was going to be interesting to me because I didn’t know what the letters meant for the first workout until Taylor explained it:

CF6-5Our strength portion was working on the strict press–5 sets of 4, with a partner. (One partner did the medicine ball throws while the other did the press.) I was able to do my strict presses with 50 pounds! I’ll admit, though, that I did use a little leg to get it up after a while, but it’s definitely progress for me and my weak upper body.

So the WOD:

100 Sumo Deadlift High Pull (35 lb bar)
50 Thrusters (35 lb bar)
30 Pull-ups
For time

Here’s a video on how to do a sumo deadlift high pull:

Let me tell you, those sumo deadlift high pulls (SDLHP) are killers! I lost my form a few times and had to be reminded by Taylor to keep the “chest up, butt down” on my squat because I was getting tired. I tried to break it up into just 50 and 50, but ended up doing 50, then 25, then 17, and then 8. My shoulders were already burning by the end of that, and then you had to do 50 thrusters?? I was nervous about the pull-ups because I was afraid I wouldn’t have much arm left, but I think I’m getting the technique down on those because they seemed easier (yes, I’m still using a wide band–I’m hoping to move up next week on that).

I finished in just a little over 10 minutes (our goal time).

After catching my breath and cleaning up, I worked on my doubleunders some more–never too tired to work just a little bit more!

What’s one movement/workout you’ve seen yourself get stronger doing?


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