A Fresh Weekend

I hope your weekend was as relaxing as mine was. It’s funny to think that with being gone at an agility trial all day one day (Saturday), so really only having one day to myself, that it wouldn’t be much of a relaxing weekend, but it was. The agility trial had its mixed reviews–dependable Dally came through again rocking both courses, and LaMesa came through with making me think more. Oh well, such is working with animals. 😉

Sunday morning I actually slept in until 7:30! I was impressed with myself–I must have been tired. I waited until M came home from work and chatted with him a bit, then I headed out for my first “long run” since my injury. I planned to just run around the park for about 2.5 miles, but then I decided I really wanted to see how I could hold up to something longer than the usual 3.5 miles we’ve been doing in the mornings, so I pushed it to 4…which ended up being 4.44 by the end of the run. My knee felt a little ouchy, but not too bad. I grabbed the pups and took them for a walk before it got too humid. (It was only 67, but the humidity was crazy thanks to the front that came through yesterday.)

After stretching, a relaxing breakfast, and a shower, I headed off to run errands. On tap was my first trip of the year to the farmers market, followed by some grocery and essentials shopping. At the farmers market I was drooling over the many booths of strawberries and peaches. After checking everything out, I decided on a (big) pint of some large, beautiful strawberries and some fresh Georgia peaches.

Look at those massive strawberries!

Look at those massive strawberries!

Grocery shopping included some chia seeds and almond slivers from Trader Joe’s, and some veggie essentials from Aldi: spinach, lettuce, steam-fresh veggies, eggs, and a bag of frozen stir fry that I can wait to make one night for dinner!

“Essentials shopping” included a trip to TJ Maxx where I was looking for some black running socks (nope) and some summer work clothes (nope, nope). Instead, I came home with a hand-held water bottle for the hot summer training runs I’m planning, and a thing of Agave nectar (yes, I love TJ Maxx).

I did a little meal prep for the week (thanks for the tips, Lindsay!) to help M with his lunches for work and to make a little something for my parents when we visit next weekend. I marinated chicken breasts for not only our dinner, but a few extra for M (total of 5 that hit the grill). I also used up some of the over-ripe bananas to make a banana bread that I found on Pinterest that’s clean eating friendly. I cut the loaf in half and wrapped up one half to take to Indiana. The other half M and I will enjoy as part of our breakfasts this week.

Our dinner Sunday was all about the grill and fresh food: grilled chicken breast, grilled sweet potatoes, and grilled corn on the cob (this time with garlic powder and parmesan cheese). I treated M to a desert of grilled peaches with a ricotta mixture I came up with. (I’ll share the recipe soon.)

Love Summer grilling: chicken breast, sweet potato, and corn on the cob fresh from the grill

Love Summer grilling: chicken breast, sweet potato, and corn on the cob fresh from the grill

How did you celebrate the first weekend of June?


4 thoughts on “A Fresh Weekend

  1. Yay for a trip to the farmers market! Chuck and I go every weekend, even in the winter. The strawberries are dangerous. I always want to buy a huge basket, but I never end up finishing the ones I have before they go bad. I just need to plant my own so I can save some money.

  2. I love farmers market season!!!! I havent had a chance to make it to one yet. Those strawberries look delicious! They are my weakness, I buy them everytime I go anywhere 🙂

    • They are my weakness, too! I really wish I bought some of the yellow zucchini I saw–wonder how different that tastes. Hopefully there will still be some in a couple of weeks.

  3. Those strawberries look amazing! I love going to the farmers market, I always come home with more than I planned. The Marshalls in hamburg had a lot of nice black athletic (running) socks. I went there this weekend to look for some work clothes and ended up leaving with as much foodie finds as clothing.

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