Supplements, Injury, Running Etiquette–Good Reads 6.01.13

Happy Saturday morning to you!! Can you believe it’s June already?? Time just keeps flying by! Today I’m hitting an agility trial with Dally and LaMesa, then I hope Sunday I can sleep in (ha!) and relax a little.

Here are some posts that intrigued me this week:

The What & Why on the Supplements I Take (Sports Bras & Sippy Cups): I will be the first to admit I’m horrible about taking vitamins or supplementing my diet. I love protein shakes, but I don’t make them every day. M has a big bottle of men’s multi-vitamins that he hasn’t even cracked open. I appreciate Joanna taking the time explaining what she takes and why–it helps those of us who are trying to figure all of that stuff out.

An Insider’s Guide to getting KT Taped Before a Race (The Way We Roll): I know this is a promo for KT Tape, for the most part, but it’s educational. I’ve never used KT tape, but I know people who have and swear by it. In fact, it intrigues me a lot and I wonder if it would help my heel and maybe my runner’s knee? But then I hear it stays on for a long time, so you don’t hear of people using it a lot except for big races. I’d love to learn more about it and try it, though. (I’ve never seen a KT Tape booth at the two half marathons I’ve done, but maybe soon they’ll make it this way…)

Running Etiquette: The 10 Commandments (The Running Blog): This post circulated social media this week pretty rapidly, but it’s always good to share more! I’m always a big nodder when running–I feel proud of be part of the running community! And I always try to keep my trash in my belt and pray for a trash can, but that’s so hard to do some times. How do you keep from littering while on your long training runs?

The Best of First World Dog Problems (BuzzFeed): OK, so this might not really be a blog, but it’s pretty funny and should give you your daily dose of cute for the weekend! I loved all of them so much, I had to do a couple of memes for my two dogs on their agility blog, so check them out: Agility on Stumps: First World Dog Problems

I feel like there were a few I totally forgot about that I wanted to include this week. I’m sorry! But, please, share some of your favorite reads in the comments below!


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