CrossFit Twofer

This week I hit CrossFit two days in a row. And I felt like a badass! Hahaha

Here was Tuesday’s workout:



100 Doubleunders (300 single jump ropes)
50 Handstand push-ups
40 Toes to bar
30 Overhead presses (can be thrusters, push presses, etc.)
100m lunges with overhead plate
For time

We partnered up, so the first person would start and do their double-unders and then start their handstand push-ups while the other waited (this way there wasn’t much overlap). I’ve determined that I need to start pushing myself to do double-unders, so that’s a goal of mine for June I think. Of course I still did the handstand push-ups on the box, and I did knees to chest/waist. I was feeling strong with the knees to chest/waist, since we did them Saturday morning. I broke them up into 4 sets of 10. Then I did the overhead presses at 45lb. Thinking back, I should have tried a little more weight, but I was getting tired towards the end of the 30.

Then I only did 50 meters of lunges–the knee wasn’t going to let me do much, so I only did 50 meters, then came back and did 50 sit-ups to make up for it. I finished in around 17:35.

Wednesday’s workout:

5 sets of 5 Back Squats, increasing weight as you go.
5 sets of 5 Jump Squats, just with the bar

Every Minute on the Minute
2 Wall climbs
5 Wall balls
10 minutes

My knee was not happy with me after the 50 m of lunges Tuesday and then running 3.6 miles Wednesday morning. So Taylor worked out a different strength workout for me:

5 sets of 8 each
Kettlebell swings (20lb)
Rows (bodyweight)

I pushed through and felt awesome! I did all of my push-ups on my toes, too! (I might not have gone very far down, but that’s a big improvement for me.) After I was done, the rest of the class was still doing their strength, so I got out a rubber band and worked on my pull-ups–4 sets of 10. Little did I know that the WOD was going to burn up my arms even more after that arm workout!

If you’ve never done a wall climb, let me tell you–they’re fun, but they are hard!! Your shoulders burn the most. And you have to keep yourself from laughing at your neighbor next to you. These are definite something I won’t mind seeing more of in class, though! (Here’s a video on how to do a wall climb.)

The wall balls I didn’t go very low in my squat because of my knee. But I still did them, and they can be added to my monthly total (which is now around 600 I think).

I”m loving learning all these new maneuvers -I just wish I had more time to really work on my form and perfect them so I’m ready when they come up in a new WOD.

What is your favorite CrossFit maneuver? 



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