Grilling Season!

I love grilling season! Actually, I don’t mind grilling during the Fall/Winter, too, as long as I don’t have to stand outside in the cold for very long. I grew up with my father who grills year-round, so I never see a problem with that. But there’s something about grilling in the summer–be able to hang out around the grill, smelling the food as it’s cooking, relaxing.

The funny thing is, I never grilled before until last year. And now, I love to grill. M and I will marinate meat for grilling, and I’ll come up with flavor combinations to grill veggies, too. In fact, I think that’s my favorite part is grilling veggies!

Last night we had our first grilled corn on the cob of the year =  it’s officially summer now!

Perfect grilling!

Perfect grilling!

I usually stick the same thing with grilled corn on the cob: clean the husk off the corn cob, spread Bumble & Bumble Yogurt Spread on the corn, then I’ll shake some different seasonings (plain salt and pepper, garlic powder and parmesan cheese, garlic powder and pepper). Roll up in some aluminum foil, and grill for about 20-30 minutes (rotating every five).

Last night’s combo was garlic powder and pepper, but my corn had a little too much pepper–whew! Luckily it was cooled off by the potato salad that accompanied the burger we had for dinner.

Even the pups love corn on the cob–Dally and LaMesa will eat corn like humans do, plucking off the kernels with their teeth. They’re so talented. 😉

Next time I'll try to get a video of them eating the corn.

Next time I’ll try to get a video of them eating the corn.

My other favorite veggies to grill are carrots, zucchini and summer squash, and bell peppers. I’d like to attempt to grill fruit and desert at some point (I’ve heard that grilled angel food cake is to die for!).

At a local restaurant I’ve had a grilled iceberg salad that is awesome. They cut a head of iceberg lettuce in quarters, brush with olive oil, then grill. Add some chopped up bacon and a vinaigrette and it’s heaven. I will attempt to replicate that one day this summer!

What’s your favorite thing to grill? Share some recipes!

Easy grilled chicken recipe:



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