Memorial Day Fun

Who doesn’t love long holiday weekends?? They’re an opportunity to get lots of work done, or even a lot of sleeping done. For me, I chose lots of work and lots of fun for my weekend.

First I kick started the weekend with CrossFit. We did our own special Memorial Day WOD:


Talk about killer!

Memorial WOD:
Run 1 mile
27 Kettlebell swings
27 Air squats
27 Push-ups
27 Thrusters
27 Toes to Bar
Option: Repeat movements, plus run 1 mile

I did the full workout, as prescribed! (Go me!) In fact, the opening mile was the fastest I’ve ever run–8:01! I used a 17.5 kettlebell, the 35-lb bar, push-ups on the knees (did like 5 on my toes until I started to lose form), and did knees to chest/waist. I broke up the T2B by doing them in sets of 5 at first, then tried to just pump them out in the second round with sets of 10/7. My closing mile was about 8:30. I finished the entire workout in a little over 35 minutes. It was a soaker! But, I did it! We had to give Taylor credit for the theme–the chalk was red, white, and blue, and they were 5 movements (May), 27 reps (Memorial Day was on 5/27). Smart cookie!

Afterwards I walked the dogs and mowed the lawn until it was time to head to Louisville to spend the evening/night with my girl AD and her boyfriend. I was able to bring the pups with me (thanks, Kevin), so M and I didn’t have to worry about pup-sitters since he headed to Indy for the Indianapolis 500 with his uncle. Dinner was sushi–I wish I got pics of the yummy sushi rolls we got, but trust me, they were good! The evening was a blur of much catching up, drinking, and renting Magic Mike for AD to see for the first time.

After taking it easy the first part of Sunday, the Stump Kids and I headed back to Lexington where I proceeded to clean the house, mulch areas that needed mulching, and visiting a friend whom I haven’t seen in a very long time. All in anticipation of M’s return from Indy and hanging out on the porch most of the night.

Monday M (my own veteran who I am very thankful for) and I spent the rare mutual day off together by driving to Clermont, Ky., to tour the Jim Beam distillery. Here are a few pics from that:





The day was beautiful and exactly what we needed–time away from everyone/everything and just with ourselves. We finished off the long weekend with a dog walk and then cookout with some friends (I had homemade naan for the first time–soo good!)

How was your Memorial Day weekend?


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