Memorial Day: Lifestyle Redesigns, Life Choices – Good Reads 5.25.2013


Happy Memorial Day Weekend!! This weekend is meant to be more than about cookouts and an extra day off of work. Please be sure to pay tribute to our fallen, injured, or still missing-in-action soldiers, not to mention our living veterans and currently serving soldiers. I’m always thankful for those who have put their lives on the line for our country, but even more so now being married to a veteran and experiencing the loss of a friend.


Now, here are a few posts that should inspire you this weekend:

The Truth About How To Have A Good Marriage: 5 Unconventional Lessons (Illuminate Your Life): I don’t remember how I happened upon this post, but I’m glad I did. Sheila shares a lot of honest insight about her 8-year-old marriage that is applicable to any married couple. Being in a marriage is not easy–at this point I don’t expect it to ever get any easier, and we’re still in the midst of year one! It’s the simple things like these that Sheila points out that should help things be a little smoother, though. I liked her tip about taking the time to write five things you appreciate about your partner when you’re frustrated with him/her. I’ll have to start doing that.

What if Work isn’t Supposed to Make You Happy? (Erica D. House): Yet another post that hit the nail on the head when it comes to me and my life! Then Erica followed up with her “Passion vs. Money” post which is just as eye opening. I’ve been struggling, still trying to find my happy place when it comes to my profession (that’s right, even at 30 I still don’t have my life straight). You want to be happy (and proud) in your career, and it doesn’t just fall in your lap (for most of us).

The Redesigned Life (Run to the Finish): There might be a theme to this week’s post, but this is an inspirational post by Amanda about redesigning your life to be able to accomplish your goals and fulfill your dreams. She shares examples of some women who have done just that and taken the leap of faith that everything will work out fine. To do something like this is so scary to me–it’s something I’d like to do, but there are too many what ifs that hold me back. Perhaps it’s time to stop letting that little voice stop being so big in my life…

What posts have you found this week that have inspired you?


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