One (Running) Step at a Time

After a month and a half away from running, I’m happy to say I’m slowly getting back to hitting the pavement!

It started last week. I was really missing the camaraderie of my two running buddies and the feeling I had after morning runs, so I sent a text asking when their next run was. That next morning I met up with them and we had a nice run/walk for about 3.75 miles. I was OK with the slow pace and the two walk breaks because I knew these two wouldn’t let me push my knee too hard. I came home and walked the dogs for a little over a mile or so, stretched, and readied for my work day.

My knee felt just fine through the day, enough to go to CrossFit that night!

Now I’m aiming to get back to running twice a week, with low mileage right now. Tuesday morning, after around four hours of sleep (due to reffing volleyball until midnight), I got up and ran with the crew around my neighborhood. We only did 3 miles, but it was at a good clip, with only one short walk. I then walked the dogs for two miles, stretched, and felt great throughout the rest of the day.


Thursday I go back to the sports medicine doctor for a follow-up, and so far my knee is doing alright. I’m planning to get a run in the morning just to see how my knee reacts for the doctor. I also plan to talk to him about my heel hurting after my runs, which has been another concern of mine.

My goal is to get my mileage back up in time for the Bluegrass 10K on July 4th. It was a great experience last year, and I want to run it again. Not to mention getting my mileage back up for hopefully a fall half marathon. Before my “injury vacation” I was able to get my 5K time down to the 27 minute mark…I’m sure I’ll have to work back to that speed again, but it’d be great to hit the fall 5Ks with a nice speed.

But don’t worry, I plan to follow the doctor’s orders. This is all dependent on what Dr. Kibler says about my knee and heel. Fingers crossed!!

How have you come back from a running injury?


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