Good Reads 5.11.13 Preakness Day!

Just like how the first Saturday of May is the Kentucky Derby, the third Saturday of May is the Preakness Stakes–the second jewel of the Triple Crown. I’m not working it (it’s held at Pimlico Race Course in Baltimore, Md.) but I’ll be cheering on Orb from a Buffalo Wild Wings in Ohio after my agility trial.


My week has been very busy and stressful–so much so I haven’t been able to do as much reading as I usually like to do, but here are a few posts I have been able to find worth sharing:

Tips for Backpacking with Your Dog (Just a Colorado Gal): I have to think Lindsay for this find–she tweeted it Thursday. M and I love hiking with the Stump Kids, so this is nice to know. Though we don’t usually take them on long hikes (Dally’s stumps can only take her so far), but we make sure we bring plenty of water for them no matter how warm it is.

The Best WordPress Plug-Ins (The Lean Green Bean Blog): Lindsay has been awesome with helping fellow bloggers make their blogs better and stronger with her social media tips and blogging advice lately. This is a really neat tool for those getting started and trying to grow their blog, like myself. Thanks so much, Lindsay!

Before You go on a Hike (It’s a Harleyyy Life): I love hiking! I love going with M and friends, especially with the dogs, but unfortunately we don’t get to do it very often. Danielle shares some quick tips for those who might not be that experienced with hiking.


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