CrossFit 2 Days in a Row? Yes!

An email came through from my dog agility instructor that our class on Thursday was cancelled, which meant I had a free evening. So what to do with it?

I was feeling like yoga, but my other gym wasn’t offering it until 7, so when I saw that the WOD at Man O’War CrossFit was “core” I decided to push for two classes in two days!


We warmed up with doing 5 sets of 5 reps of wall balls and ball slams. Because of my knee I didn’t go as low as you should for the wall balls, but I squatted enough to warm up the body.


AMRAP – 5 minutes
15 Scoops
15 Reverse Scoops
15 Combinations (each leg)
15 Tuck Jumps

Rest 3 minutes (long enough to set up your bar)

AMRAP – 12 minutes
5 Dead Lifts (Rx 75/65lbs)
10 Push-Ups
15 Air Squats
Then, once the timer goes off (no rest) 800 m run

To save my knees, instead of doing the tuck jumps, I stayed flat on my back and just tucked my knees into my chest and out for 15. For the first part of the WOD I was able to get in almost 2 whole rounds (I had just started my second set of knee tucks when the timer went off).

Again, to save my knees, I didn’t go very deep in my air squats. But I did do the Rx for the dead lifts–65lbs! w00t! It was a hard ending to the WOD! I was able to get in 12 rounds (Taylor was pushing us to get at least 12), with push-ups on my knees (arms still sore from Wednesday’s workout). I had done the 13th set of dead lifts when the timer went off. The 800 m run seemed longer than it was, and my knee was a little ouchy from the workout.

Great workout–I was soaked with sweat! After we were done I did a little foam rolling on my quads, calves, and IT band (holy ow!) and stretched before heading home to take the pups on a 3-mile walk with M to enjoy the gorgeous evening (no rain–yay!).

How do you kick off your weekend, fitness-wise?

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