Piling up the Doctors’ Appointments

Just a quick post to let you know I’m still alive, just buried in work and life at the current moment.

The doctors’ appointments are piling up lately, though. I had my last physical therapy appointment last Wednesday with Ryan. We went through our usual exercises and stretches, but there still hasn’t been much improvement with my knee. I haven’t run in almost three weeks now, and it’s killing me. I’ve been waking up early every morning to walk the dogs for 30 minutes (about 2.25 miles) to get both parties exercise, and to help wear them down for when M comes home from work at 8 am and goes to sleep (they don’t understand why he doesn’t want to play with them when he comes home). Even spinning has started to bother my knee some.

At CrossFit last week (post to come), we did more squats than I figured, so my knee hurt for the next three days, causing me to be cautious and not go back on Friday like I intended. Talk about more disappointment for me.

My follow-up appointment with the sports medicine doctor isn’t until May 23. I call everyday to check if there’s been any cancellations, but, alas, so far nothing.

But now, another doctor appointment has been made. While cleaning the kitchen last week, M found an old note from my doctor dated back in February. It was the results of my last physical, saying my test came back abnormal for the second year in a row, so they wanted to refer me to a gynocologist. At first I was irritated–who sends a letter, via snail mail, with news like this?? No phone call, just a printed letter. Who knows what might have been if we had accidentally thrown the envelope away! So, after a few repeated phone calls, I now have an appointment set for mid-June. Yep…that’s the earliest I could get into that one, too. Ugh.

We won’t mention the dentist appointment this week–at least that’s just routine (fingers crossed). Same with the chiropractor appointment for both dogs before the agility trial this weekend (yep, my dogs see a chiropractor, but I’ve never had one work on me before), or the potential vet appointment for my 16-year-old cat who needs fluid removed from her lungs soon.

Ever have one of those weeks where it doesn’t just rain, but pours when it comes to appointments?

Here’s to a simple week…if that’s possible!


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