Good Reads 5.11.13

I’m sorry for the lack of posts this week. Life has taken a sharp, fast turn and it’s been crazy for me lately. I got hit with freelancing deadlines, plus an extra article that I couldn’t turn down, plus picking up some extra reffing nights for the next week or so. Needless to say, I haven’t spent much time at home and I haven’t had any time to relax or sit down to really blog. I’m hoping things will quiet down soon and I can share some things with you.


That being said, I’ve been able to squeeze in just a little bit of reading this week, so here’s some link love for you:

Finding my Blogger Identity (High Heels & Shotgun Shells): Danielle is so frank about everything she writes about. I was introduced to her blog by a friend I went to college with, and it’s great for me to keep in touch with what’s happening in agriculture and anything else. For bloggers starting out, we go into this venture with the high notion of exactly what we’re going to do and say, but things always change. We tend to forget the blogs need to be about us–who we are and how we feel–and just be us. That’s what people want to read.

Divorce (Newlyweds on a Budget): It seems like all of a sudden I’m hearing about friends and family members having marital problems. It’s scary for someone such as myself who is a newlywed of 218 days and working hard to have that happy marriage when battling differing schedules, money woes, etc., to see and hear how some couples just seem to give up instead of trying to work things out. Great point: “As individuals, we’re not happy all the time. And I think too often when we become married, we seem to blame our unhappiness on our marriage rather than look at our own issues.”

#Whats Beautiful? Recovery (Live, Travel, Eat and Run): So UnderAmour has started a new campaign with some of the FitFluential Ambassadors about what’s beautiful for women. Amalia chose her goal for the campaign to “recover strong.” It seems rather fitting, considering the struggles I’ve been having with my knee. My hope is to recover strong in time to start training for a Fall half marathon and to be able to run in the Bluegrass 10K on July 4, so this was an inspirational post for me.

On Balance (Fitting It All In): Clare hit the nail on the head with this blog post for me right now. I’m struggling to find a balance with my personal life, professional/money-making life, social life, and my exercise life at the current moment. Lately it’s been a struggle for me to have a normal day, and, as mentioned above, life has been really crazy for me with some unexpected deadlines and changes in schedules, etc. I’m an all-or-nothing type of person too, and I’ve been self-medicating through emotional eating throughout the struggle, and it shows already. It’s hard to find that balance–it’s always an ongoing project for you life. If you’ve found the key, can you share it with me?

What’s been your favorite blog this week?

3 thoughts on “Good Reads 5.11.13

  1. Thank you for the mention!! I’m curious now where you went to college to see if I know this friend of yours? lol

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