Hundreds of (CrossFit) Fun

Friday night’s workout is brought to you by Man O’War CrossFit, and Taylor decided we needed to end the week with a bang.


(I forgot to take a photo of the WOD on the board–that’s how worn out I was from the workout!)

After our warm-up, Taylor went through teaching us about snatches, cleans, and overhead squats. I am such a stickler for making sure I’m doing all of the movements right I get to thinking too much, so when it was coming to the cleans, my head was too much in the game and I’d lose focus and momentum just to get the 35-lb bar over my head. I was thinking about how coach was saying we need to keep the bar close to us, but yet I wasn’t feeling it close to me. Then he said that was OK–use the momentum and it’ll get the bar up. After taking a few moments to get my head right, I tried it and had no problems.

Then we went through front squats, first learning the movement, then starting to work on our one-rep max. Unfortunately I was afraid to really push myself on that max because of my knee bothering me. I worked slowly on finding the right weight, first with 15-lb plates, then 25-lb plates on my 35-lb bar. Taylor noticed I wasn’t getting my butt down past parallel, so I worked with it some, making sure my knee wasn’t tweaking. I decided to just try to add 5 more pounds, so I had a total of 90-lbs for my front squat max. I hated that I wasn’t pushing myself as hard as the others in my class, but I also wanted to make sure I didn’t do anything too horrible to my knee. But, 90-lbs gives me something to work on, once I know my knee can handle it.

After we found our one rep max, it was time for what Taylor called:

“Hundreds of Fun”

100 push-ups
100 air squats
100 sit-ups
*Every 2 minutes, do 5 burpees
For time

I start out doing full push-ups for about 15 (woohoo!), then put my knees on the sit-up pads and got to work. Taylor kept an eye on the clock and told us when it was time for burpees. He warned us about those first burpees after doing the pushups, and he was right! Your arms did not want to catch you–I think I heard someone’s face smack into the floor. Those first sets of burpees made you want to push through the push-ups just to get done with using your arms.

The air squats weren’t as difficult as I thought they’d be and I breezed through those pretty quickly. Then came the full sit-ups. Those took a lot longer than I thought they would. I didn’t want to do any more burpees, but when I got to 96, Taylor yelled i was time for burpees. Blast! Five burpees later, I did 4 more butterfly sit-ups and I was finished. Total time: 14:39  Total burpees: 35

After catching my breath, I started to work on my wall balls for the May challenge. With the 14-lb medicine ball, I did 67. I was able to add 30 more due to my 1.5 hours of “physical activity outside of the gym” (for every 30 minutes we spend doing physical activity outside the gym, we got to add 10 wall balls) from my agility class last night. So it was a total of 97 wall balls tonight, for a week total of 157. 🙂

It was a great workout, that ended with a relaxing walk with the dogs in the park to celebrate the end of the week!

I have to admit, I think this workout would be good to do at home.

What’s one of your favorite WODs to do at home?


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