Good Reads 5.4.2013

Happy Derby Day!!! While you’re reading this, I’m currently hustling all around Churchill Downs working with photographers for the 139th Kentucky Derby. Hopefully the sun is shining on “My Old Kentucky Home” and all 20 horses cross the finish line in good shape. (And I hope you’re able to watch the race–check out your local NBC affiliate for times!)


Here’s a smattering of some good reads from this week:

To You, Love Me (The Lean Green Bean Blog): Lindsay actually posted this archived blogpost in her Bean Bytes on Monday, and even though it’s an older post, it’s perfect for how I’m feeling right now. Right now I’m so frustrated with my body in many ways, but everyone needs reminders about what’s good about their body and that it’s not always about the number on the scale or how you think you look in your clothes. Plus is has a killer circuit workout at the end to try!

What I Learned Hanging out with Jillian Michaels (RunLadyLike): I’m uber envious of Jesica right now! I’d love to go see Jillian Michaels during her “Maximizing Your Health” tour, but the closest she comes to Lexington is Indianapolis, and I wasn’t able to go because of work. I love watching Jillian on TBL, but I’ve also enjoyed her workout videos and book. I love this quote: Failure is an integral part of learning to be better.

What Happened When I Stopped Exercising (Running With Spoons): Amanda tackles exercise addiction, and after reading her blog post it makes me wonder if I have a little bit of that going on. She talks about how her life has changed, for the better, when she stopped focusing on formal exercising.

What blog posts have made you think or inspire you this week?

(BTW, my Derby picks: Oxbow, Will Take Charge, Orb, and Goldencents. Though that might change by betting time. I’ll let you know!)


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