Mid-Week Butt-Kicker Brought to You by CrossFit

After the past couple of crazy days at work, I needed to get some movement going. Usually that means going for a long run, but since I’m still not able to run, I luckily still had Man O’War CrossFit to hit!

Wednesday’s WOD was a tough one that was timed. After a quick warmup, Taylor walked us through the different movements of the day’s workouts. We went over cleans, which I learned last week, but then also push presses, thrusters, and toes to bar. At first we used PVC pipe (great learning tool) and then we got our bars. It’s taking me a while to get the hang of the movements of the cleans, push press, and thrusters, but I think I’ll get it the next time. (I’m not keeping the bar close enough to my body.)

Then came time for the WOD:


We were being timed. For the push presses, thrusters, and cleans, I just used an empty 35-lb bar. I didn’t mind, because I really want to get the movements down correctly before I add weight. There a couple of others using just the bar, so I didn’t feel too weak. 😉

Cleans x30
Toes to Bar x30 (or knees to arm pit or knees to chest)
Box Jumps x30
Push Press x30
Double Unders x30 (or 90 singles)
Thrusters x15
Pull-ups x15
100 m walking lunges w/15-lb plate above head

I finished in 14:40, the first of the group. I was able to do all 30 cleans without taking a break, but I broke up the knees to chest in 3 sets of 10. I could have done the full-height box for the box jumps, but I didn’t want to risk my knee so I jumped the lower box.

Because I didn’t feel confident in my performance with the jump-ups last week, Taylor let me use a rubber band to start working on my pull-ups. That made a huge difference, and woo! After 12 I was struggling! But I did all 15 without stopping.

I did 90 singles–I watched Taylor and Tara do double-unders and I have no clue how they can do that so fast! Wow! I have a lot to work towards.

The walking lunges were hard–I had already done 36 earlier in the day in physical therapy (twisting lunges, not with a 15-lb plate, but still).

Needless to say, it was a butt kicker! I worked with Tara a little on my form for cleans and push presses and she showed me how to come down correctly. Then we worked on my form for wall balls–this month’s challenge is 1,000 wall balls in the month of May. I belted out 60 with a 10-lb ball while working on my form. Thanks, Tara!

Afterwards I rushed home to take the pups on a 2.75 mile walk in the park and soak up the gorgeous spring weather we’re finally having!

Happy puppies that have missed their mom so far this week.

Happy puppies that have missed their mom so far this week.

Then M and I made dinner–he grilled a couple of burgers while I made roasted sweet potato chips and guacamole (with tortilla chips) for dinner to celebrate the weather.

Loving making my own guac now!

Loving making my own guac now!

Just two more days before the Kentucky Derby! Are you following the action? One of the sites I work with, BloodHorse.com, has all the info you need…check it out! I’ll post my picks Friday.


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