Hitting the Sand & Back to HIIT

This week kicks off my busy period…wait, when do I not have a busy period? Anyway, I digress…

Sand volleyball season is now in full swing here in Lexington. This is my third year reffing for a bar league on the southside at a German restaurant/bar called Marikka’s. We have two sand courts out back with leagues playing Monday through Friday. In previous years I’ve reffed 3-4 nights a week, but this year I’m cutting back to only one night, plus filling in wherever needed. It also means I’m basically working from 8 am until about 12:30-1 am, which makes for some long days.

Last night was the first night back in the referee’s chair.

This will be my view every Monday night until mid-October.

This will be my view every Monday night until mid-October.

When I ref, I have only an hour between my full-time job getting out at 5 and when I have to be at the bar with my court open (6). Some people might think that’s not enough time to do much of anything, but, thanks to having my gym just 5 minutes from work, I’m able to squeeze in a high intensity workout in about 20-30 minutes.

Yesterday, because of an appointment and traffic, I only had 20 minutes to get in a good sweat. So here was my workout:

1 minute jump rope
30 seconds push-ups
10 wall balls (14-lb medicine ball)
Repeat for a total of 10 minutes

20 seconds rope waves
50 crunches
Repeat twice

Then I did some of my physical therapy workouts, which included lunges, side-ways leg lifts, back kicks, and then about 5 minutes of stretching.

I was out of the gym by 5:45 and on the road towards Marikka’s.

How do you fit in sweat-worthy, short-on-time workouts?


2 thoughts on “Hitting the Sand & Back to HIIT

  1. Love this about HIIT! I discovered the beauty of quick but effective workouts a while ago and it’s definitely my go-to when I’m busy. Why spend hours in the gym when you can get an awesome workout in like half hour? Love it! I especially like doing tabata sprints on the treadmill.

    • Thanks! I used to be the one to spend hours in the gym, but I got burned out doing that. Now I love seeing how much I can fit in in a short amount of time.

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