Good Reads 4.20.13

Happy Saturday!! Here’s another serving of Good Reads for your weekend reading:

Yogurt is Not a Meal (Dangerously Hardcore): A great post from a personal trainer about healthy eating. Some times we get so caught up in the fact that if we eat all veggies and low fat foods we’re eating a healthy diet–but we’re not. Our bodies need more than just those things to keep burning fuel (calories) and keep y ou active and healthy. Important to note: “What’s happening here is that your body isn’t getting what it needs on a regular basis, so it starts craving what it’s not getting. This is the part you need to learn if you ever want to be successful.”

Why Women Should Not Run (Dangerously Hardcore): I know, I know, I don’t normally list two posts from the same blog, but when I was reading the above post, I saw this and it caught my eye. I totally agree that you should cross-train–everybody should, not just women. You need to do more than the same type of exercises and sports everyday. My physical therapist and I talked about this post during my appointment and he mentioned how he gets a lot of overuse injuries, especially in children. It’s a controversial post. Read it. Discuss.

Things That Matter (& Things That Don’t) (Carrots N Cake): Tina’s been on vacation to Ireland, so her blog has had a lot of scheduled posts lately. But apparently she came on and posted real quick about the Boston Marathon bombing and short, but poignant post. (NOTE: I know there were tons of Boston blog posts, and they all are great posts with many deep thoughts and feelings, I couldn’t pick just one or two, but I encourage you to check some of them out!)

Dally of Kentucky: Call Me Badonkadonk (The Daily Corgi): OK, so I had to do a little self-promoting here. The Daily Corgi wanted to feature my Corgi, Dally, as their Dog of the Day on Friday! I was able to write her bio and include a bunch of photos. I encourage to check it out!

Making Ripples (Life as a Running Mom): Short and sweet–how do you plan to make ripples of positivity in your life? Even the littles things can turn out to be huge.

And this…which I needed after a week like this:

Thanks to On The Rodeo Road for this image.

Thanks to On The Rodeo Road for this image.


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