Fast Track Program for CrossFit

Last night I went to my second session at Man O’War CrossFit. This time it was part of the Fast Track Program (FTP) they have to help teach CrossFit newbies the basics of the workouts, while getting a good workout as well. (Whereas on Monday, I did an actual WOD with those who had already been doing CrossFit.)

After a warm-up of running 200 meters and stretching, Taylor took me and three other girls through the motions of the push presses and dead lifts with PVC pipes, that way we could get the technique down before adding weight. Then he walked us through wall balls–let me tell you, those sound easy, but they really aren’t! I know now what Tina means when she says she hates them because they can crush you. I was using just a 10-lb medicine ball and there were times I almost lost my balance when the ball came back into my hands! But it definitely was a good workout!

Once we had the basics down, we went through our WOD for the FTP:


We worked with just the bar (no weights this time) and 10-lb medicine balls for the 8 minute AMRAP: 5 push presses, 10 dead lifts, 15 wall balls.

I think I ended up doing 6 rounds, plus 5 push presses and 2 or 3 dead lifts, before time expired. Taylor told us we didn’t have to throw the ball up to the tall marker on the wall this time, but I really wanted to push myself to know that I could do it, so I made sure every rep counted. I had a little bit of trouble with the push presses and remembering to get my head through my arms for each rep, so that’s something I need to work on. You really do a lot of concentrating during CrossFit!

We finished the workout with 17 burpees–the box has a 1,000 burpee challenge for the month of April. (I’m up to 62, thanks to my two days there! LOL) Then we foam rolled (it hurts so good) and were finished! I’m going to try to go back on Friday for the late class, since Dally has a chiropractor appointment right after work.

Taylor said he likes to have everyone do at least four of the FTP classes so that way they come into regular WODs armed with the knowledge and ability to perform the exercises in good time, and not hold anyone back. So I have two more classes to go!

I’m really liking CrossFit! You can’t think about anything else besides what you are doing at that moment, or else you’ll mess up your form or lose count. And the hour goes by so quickly!

Have you stopped going to a regular gym and only go to CrossFit boxes?


2 thoughts on “Fast Track Program for CrossFit

  1. I didn’t know crossfit boxes had a program for new people. One of the fears I had, that actually kept me from signing up for the groupon was that I would have no idea what was going on and be left in the dust. I’m glad your liking the classes, and hopefully going again friday means its not hurting your knee 🙂

    • I don’t know if all of them do or not (I’d assume they all do), since I only have experience with Man O’War CrossFit, but it is a great idea.

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