My First Foray into CrossFit!

**First of all, I’d like to start this post by saying my thoughts are with the victims of the Boston Marathon bombing yesterday. I, like the rest of the world, was glued to my Twitter feed, then turned on the news stations on my car’s satellite radio, and couldn’t keep from thinking of the tragedy. I am wearing my race shirt from Run The Bluegrass in support.**

Prior to the bombs going off Monday, I was excited and counting down the minutes until I was off work and changing into my workout clothes. I was heading to my very first CrossFit class and I couldn’t wait! In January I had purchased a Living Social deal to try out Man O’War CrossFit, but I hadn’t used it yet because I was training for the half marathon. I told myself I was going to try it after I was done training, so I messaged the box to schedule my first class.

Man O’War CrossFit is located in a strip mall just a mile from my house. The box is located within the Lexington Baseball School, so it’s a little small, but it works great for everyone. My group was decent-sized with four other people. We went through a simple warm-up of five sets of 100 meter jog, 15 jumping jacks, and five push-ups, then we stretched and prepared for the WOD.



(I have to thank my daily reading of Tina and Lindsay’s blogs that I already knew the terminology!)

Here was today’s WOD:

EMOTM (Every Minute On The Minute)
10 front squats
100 meter sprint
for 10 Minutes

Our instructor (I’ve already forgotten his name, and I feel so bad!) had us go through the basics of the lifts to make sure we had the technique down before adding weight. After learning the proper form for front squats, I was assigned a 15-pound bar with 15-pounds on each side (45 lb total). At first I felt like it might be just OK, but I knew that I would get tired after a round or two, so I left it there–good idea!

I’ve never pushed myself in a sprint as much as I did those five sprints! I felt like I had to prove to myself that I belonged there, plus I used it as a way to shake out the legs from the squats. I think I averaged 20 seconds for each sprint (which gave me about 35-40 seconds to catch my breath before the next minute of squats).

Once those 10 minutes were up, we stretched a little and then did another set of exercises:

15 dead lifts
10 bar-facing burpees
5 minutes AMRAP (As Many Rounds As Possible)

I had a little learning on the form for the dead lifts, but once I was corrected I got the hang of bending my knees and using my upper legs/glutes more than my back. This time I was assigned a total of 65 pounds, which was perfect. The bar-facing burpees meant that once you finished your dead lifts, drop the bar, hop over, turn and face your bar and perform a burpee. Then you hop over the bar and repeat. Our instructor was aiming for us to get in 4 rounds, but I led the way with 3 rounds plus 4 or 5 dead lifts (I lost count). It was definitely a butt kicker!

I loved the experience! I had a little bit of competitiveness coming through with the others, but also more with myself. I later admitted to the instructor that I had just been diagnosed with patellar tendonitis and should be taking it easy on my knees. His eyes widened and he said, “Well you couldn’t tell. Next time let us know, we’ll help you with more stretches before and we can adjust things so we don’t overload your knee.”

The look of CrossFit endorphins!

The look of CrossFit endorphins!

My deal is for 10 sessions, and I’m afraid they’ll go by way to fast. I told the instructor I’d have to see how my knee recovered from the WOD if I came in on Wednesday. I’d love to hit CrossFit twice a week, I just need to hit the lottery to be able to pay for a membership to do so!

Have you tried CrossFit? Were you instantly hooked?


5 thoughts on “My First Foray into CrossFit!

    • I’m sure it is worth the cost, but when your budget is as tight as ours, it’s hard to justify two $110 memberships a month. :-/ Plus I still like having my regular gym for use of the treadmill, spin classes, etc. Especially when I can’t run like right now.

  1. I hope there is another groupon or living social soon, I would love to try cross fit! Tina and Lindsay make it sound like so much fun! I think it would be a great form of cross training for running. I hope your knee did well after the session!!

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