Some New Product Discoveries

I did quite a bit of food shopping this weekend, with grocery shopping and getting things for my Foodie Pen Pal. During my adventures I found a couple of things I had to share! (No, I was not compensated for any of this, these are just products I found and wanted to share with you.)

I’m a huge fan of anything kettle corn. I was seriously bummed when I found out Trader Joe’s was no longer making their Kettle Corn Cookies–I mean, seriously, how much better can it get than cookies and kettle corn, together!? Anyway, while in Target I found these PopChips Katy’s Kettle Korn. The popped corn chip company asked singer Katy Perry to come up with her own flavor, and I think she hit the nail on the head! I couldn’t wait to open the bag and dig in. In fact, I’m a little embarrassed to say I ate the whole bag in one day. I snacked on them while I was doing yard work on Sunday, and before I knew it, they were gone! Oops. Definitely have to keep an eye on specials on these!

It took me a while to realize these were something from Katy Perry. Oops

It took me a while to realize these were something from Katy Perry. Oops

On my trip to Trader Joe’s I discovered one of their newest products: Coconut Oil Spray. Yes! It was funny because Friday night I was just wishing there was a coconut oil spray that I could use on my baking pan when I made M brownies. So, instead I used a sandwich bag to smear some coconut oil in the pan. Two days later, I find this–it’s like TJ’s was reading my mind (or not)! I haven’t used it yet, but it’ll be so much easier to make things like Tina’s French Toast Scramble and other baked goods with this now. If you love using coconut oil, I recommend hitting TJ’s for this soon!

Easy baking and cooking here I come!

Easy baking and cooking here I come!

I also received a Kona Kase in the mail last week, full of new treats and products, so expect a review on that soon!

What new product or food discoveries have you made lately?


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