Good Reads – Sharing Some Blogger Love 4.13.13

I started this last week and I love how it brings together a community of bloggers! I’m grateful to be part of HealthysELF and Sweat Pink Amabassadors, and everyday we have “Link Love” on our Facebook pages. It’s a great way to check out new bloggers and read a plethora of topics.


So here are a few posts that caught my eye this week:

13 Lessons in 13.1 Miles (Part 1) (Journey to a Healthy Life): Tami hit the nail right on the head when she said you’re able to do a lot of thinking while running those (long) 13.1 miles! I usually have quite a few thoughts swimming around in my head, but I’m not as good at putting them all together like she has here. One line from her post, which appeared on an image says it all: “Because every step of the way, I’ve become grateful for what my body can do.” Don’t forget to follow up with Part 2 and Part 3.

Injury Prevention for Runners (RunLadyLike): Jesica did an awesome week-long series of tips for runners to prevent injuries. (Where was this like a month ago? Ha!) In these posts she covered the basics like cross-training, wearing proper shoes, avoiding running through severe pain, and icing. She also touched base on getting regular sports massages to loosen tight muscles and reduce stress on joints (hmmmm…). These posts are definitely worth bookmarking and keeping for reference.

Blog Smarter Twitter Chat Recap (The Lean Green Bean): I meant to join in on Lindsay’s Twitter chat Wednesday night, but it was M’s birthday and he go the evening off so we celebrated instead. Thankfully Lindsay recapped the chat and provides some great tips for all bloggers like: Being willing to show your flaws, be wary of doing too many sponsored posts or giveaways, and engaging with your readers. Another bookmark-worthy post.

Have You Experienced the Post-Race Blues? (Mommy Run Fast): OMG Yes!! I wrote about the letdown I felt last year after finishing my first half marathon, and I’m currently undergoing the post-race blues after the RTB (doesn’t help to be in IR, either). Laura maps out how the cycle of our emotions training for, running, and recovering from races occurs with each of us, which hits the nail on the head. One of her tips to help with recovery is easy: Set new goals to work towards. Done!

Please check out these lovely ladies and their blogs! Then share with me some of your favorite blogs from this week. (I love link love–thanks to my HealhysELF friends and Sweat Pink sisters for hosting the Link Loves everyday!)


2 thoughts on “Good Reads – Sharing Some Blogger Love 4.13.13

  1. Thanks for posting these links, especially the injury prevention one! I haven’t been running as much as I should since RTB with Achilles and shin splint issues. After the pig in a few weeks hopefully ill do much better with ‘propper’ training for my next one.

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