Ramblings of the Under-Amused

I’m taking a break from “5 Things Friday” this week because I’ve just been under-amused this week.

Which is pretty sad, considering the awesome feeling I was having after conquering the Run The Bluegrass Half Marathon. I’m still feeling pretty proud of that race, but the thoughts afterwards about what’s going on with my knee hasn’t been the most positive.

I’ve taken it easy on my workouts this week to allow my body to recover fully from the race. Besides all the walking around downtown Cincinnati Monday, I didn’t workout then. Tuesday was a yoga DVD with Bob Harper in the morning, 20 minutes on the elliptical with some weights and a long dog walk after work. Wednesday I was back on the treadmill for 4 miles. Then last night, in a fit of a semi-bad mood, I was going to work out come hell or high water. Unfortunately I realized I forgot to pack socks, but I needed those feel-good endorphins, so it was a socks-less workout that included 20 minutes on the elliptical, then a circuit of squats, bench press, high knees, dead lifts, etc. 40 minutes of solid sweat–exactly what I needed.

You know I need a workout bad, if I'm alright with wearing my gym shoes with no socks!

You know I need a workout bad, if I’m alright with wearing my gym shoes with no socks!

My frustration comes from not knowing what I should do about my knee. It’s been bothering me for a month or so now. I went to the doctor Thursday morning and she poked around a little, took X-rays and proclaimed it to be bursitis and prescribed some pain gel and no thoughts towards physical therapy. So there were no real answers as to whether I should keep running or not. After talking with some co-workers about my frustration, they recommended I go to a drop-in sports medicine clinic in the morning. The idea of this clinic was to get there right as they opened and hope it wasn’t too busy and you could be seen within an hour or so.

Going with my better judgement, I declined an invite to run with a couple of friends before work, so that way I had enough time to get ready for work and the appointment…

Luckily I was the first one there this morning. The doctor took his time really feeling around on my knee, asking me questions like “How does it feel here?” and having me do a few things like squat on one leg, hold my leg straight, etc. He took the time to listen to what I’ve been doing and what I’d like to do. His diagnosis: overuse of the tendon in front of my knee.

He said that, yes, I needed to take it easy on the running right now, but cross training was alright. He prescribed physical therapy and ultrasound therapy, which I start next week. He said the injury wasn’t severe, which was good. We just need to strengthen my quads, hips, and glutes to help take the load off of this tendon. When I broached the subject about running the Kentucky Derby Half Marathon later this month, he said if I was alright running it without much training, I could be OK. He said he didn’t see me injuring the tendon worse, especially with going to physical therapy right now.


So now the wheels are spinning in my head: Should I or shouldn’t I? Can I be alright with spending $80 on a half marathon registration and know that I can’t train as hard as I’d like to leading up to it? The race is much flatter than the Run The Bluegrass, but you never know how your body will handle it.

So I need your advice. What would you do, if you were in my shoes? What advice do you have?


10 thoughts on “Ramblings of the Under-Amused

  1. ehhh i am always overly cautious i suppose. i busted up my foot and sat out for one race at the end of march (when it first happened) and am sitting out the half marathon i have at the end of april because my injury is a foot injury and yea, it was a hard decision and yea it sucked and im still keeping the hope alive about being able to do the sprint tri at the beginning of may. here’s my thing, he said you prlly wont injure it more, but there is a what if. so im of two minds. it sucks to sit out and it sucks to sell bibs and it just generally sucks to be injured. i havent run in three weeks and am ready to punch people… but i wont, however, i have been swimming and i plan to try pool running this weekend. long story short and it took me several years of playing soccer injured than needing surgery (strained my knee, kept playing, tore my acl. broke my foot. kept playing, needed foot surgery) for me to learn to listen to my gut and not the awesome competitive voice that says GO GO GO DOOOOO IT! it is hard to ignore that voice especially when you have been raised in a competitive household and you dont want to lose out on money, on the race, etc. so all i will say is cross train your ass off, do some strength stuff if you can, talk to and LISTEN to your PT and then decide! Good luck!!! (spa <3)

  2. With our” Do it” culture, we always see the “star” stories of athletes who go out there, when their legs are busted to give a mighty performance and no one tells us what and how they have suffered when they acted rashly. Behind the scenes as a PT I have seen the suffering numerous times.

    The questions you have to ask yourself: Is it worth the trouble(especially the unknown)? Will this opportunity of running come again for me?

    $80.00 is a small sum when compared to pain and suffering for the next few months. Whatever choice you make, as long as you remind yourself not to regret for the choice you make, you will end up being stronger and wiser in the long run (pun intended). Good luck!

  3. I’ve been dealing with runner’s knee since October. It sucks. I do my physical therapy exercises diligently, I’ve tried acupuncture and massage. I go through spurts of GOOD knee days and then I have a flare up. Take care of your knees!

    • My first physical therapy appointment is Thursday. I’ve been good so far and haven’t run, just done some spinning and walking the dogs. It’s really hard, though, because it’s so beautiful out I just want to run! Thank you for the advice and sharing your story. Hope your knee continues to heal!

  4. I would rest it. I have chronic shoulder injuries that stemmed from injuring one of them and not resting. Because I didn’t acknowledge the issue with the left shoulder, I did the exact same thing to my right shoulder. Now I have two messed up shoulders. I can’t swim at all, have to be conscious of modifying yoga positions depending on the class/DVD, and cannot lift weights any more. I went on a running hiatus last summer due to even running hurting my shoulders. I am back running, and am stronger than before.

    A rest can always be good, but if you are like me and regret the things you didn’t do more than the things you did, then you have to really consider the emotional cost to not running the race.

    • Thanks for the advice. I’m trying to do my best to rest it, but it’s hard for someone who loves activity outside! I tried swimming when I had a stress fracture in my foot, but I’m not the best swimmer and not the most patient with how slow the workout goes. 😉

      • Yes – it’s all about form and pace and stuff. I get frustrated, but find that when I remember to embrace the perceived inefficiency and that it’s such inefficiency that gives such tummy-shrinking results, it goes a bit better 🙂

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