Half Marathon Recovery

Happy April!! I don’t know about you, but I’m hoping now that it’s April, Mother Nature will get her stuff together and realize it’s Spring and behave as such! It’s still in the 40s here, but at least the sun’s out.

Just a quick note that recovery from the Run The Bluegrass Half Marathon has been just fine. I think it helps that I ran a few 13 mile runs prior to the half marathon, so my body has become accustomed to the beating it gets. I was a little stiff and sore Saturday, and woke up that way Sunday morning, but after a couple of 2-mile walks with the pups that day and a little more stretching, I think I was back to normal by Monday.

Monday M and I headed up to Cincinnati for Reds Opening Day. Apparently Cincinnati is the only Major League Baseball city that goes all-out for Opening Day. We’re talking major parade through downtown (at least two hours long), a big block party right by the stadium, and, of course, the game. It seems like everyone was out and about–I don’t know if some offices closed or what. But it was fun to be with all the revelers. I’m not a big baseball fan, but it’s something M enjoys, and some times the games are fun (give me someone else to talk to, some good, cheap eats and beer, sunshine, and I’ll be OK), so I’ve turned into a minor Reds fan.


We stuck around for a while until heading back to Lexington–we got separated from M’s friends at a bar and everywhere was packed. We listened to the game on the drive back and then watched the end (13 innings on Opening Day!?) on TV. We’re heading back up to Cincy for the Opening Night Game. I’m hoping it’ll be a little bit warmer and a little more pleasant (but I’m doubting that, so here come the layers and blanket!).

I’ve already got the itch to run another half marathon, and to run it like NOW! I can’t believe I waited almost a whole year before I ran my second, but I don’t want to wait that long for my third. I’m seriously considering doing the Kentucky Derby Half Marathon later this month, but I’m waiting to see what my doctor says when she looks at my knee on Thursday. It held up pretty well through the race, but it’s still bothering me a little. There’s a little swelling still, and I can’t put weight on it directly (I was doing yoga this morning and got down on my hands and knees–that wasn’t too pleasant). I have until April 10 to register, and it might be pretty expensive, but I really want to do it.

Then there’s the Iron Horse Half Marathon in Midway in October that I might aim for. I’m definitely planning to keep up my running with the running groups I joined this winter, so I’m hoping that keeps me in shape for adding on more distance races. But, then I fear I might start to get a little burnt out on running distance. I’m ready to tackle the obstacle races again and work on my 5K speed some more.

So, yes, I’m officially addicted to running and half marathons. I just hope my body can hold up!


4 thoughts on “Half Marathon Recovery

    • Lesley, I’ve run half of the Iron Horse already–I guess it was the “easy half” (the 7 mile half). It’s definitely just as pretty, I think.

  1. Haha, we Cincinnatians just leave work. no official office closings (at least not anywhere that I have ever worked!) but we all go downtown to hang out even if we DON’T get game tickets!

    • That’s pretty cool. It’s fun to see a city back their team so much. (Coming from Indianapolis, where we’re like that with the Colts…)

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