5 Things Friday – 3.29.13

This “5 Things Friday” is brought to you by racing nerves!

That’s right…less than 24 hours from now I’ll be running in the Run The Bluegrass Half Marathon–just my second half marathon, but a scary one with lots of hills and one giant hill! I’ve been training hard since January, run in single digit temps with 3 inches of snow falling, run in totally different locations in the area, joined two running groups to train for this, and learned so much. I hope I’m ready!

I'm going to love having one of these cool medals around my neck!

I’m going to love having one of these cool medals around my neck! (Source)

My first half marathon I ran in 2:17:58. I’m hoping to better that time–aiming for 2:14 or so. We’ll see. I just hope I can keep the nerves at bay and just run my race and keep a solid pace.

I checked out the Run the Bluegrass Race Expo last night, and was totally bummed that I ordered the wrong size race shirt! FAIL! I’m hoping I can trade with someone for a smaller shirt. The expo was alright–not as big as the Kentucky Derby Marathon/Half Marathon Expo last year, but it was nice to see the local companies.

So, without further adieu, here are my five things for the last Friday of March!

  1. Fun Weekend. Last weekend was fun with the agility trial and getting in 8 miles in Sharon Woods Park. I strongly suggest checking out new places (as long as it’s safe) for runs, especially when you’re traveling–I feel like it gives you an extra burst of energy because everything is fresh and new!
  2. Leading by Example. This was a great post that I caught on Twitter about being a healthy example and how you can “lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink it.” Boy do I know how Coco feels! I feel that way everyday with my husband and family. It can be so frustrating, but you hope something might rub off at some point.
  3. Run the Bluegrass Half Marathon. Did I mention that this was tomorrow?? Did I mention there were hills?? Yeah. I’m planning to try to relax and take it easy tonight, but not sure how I can get a good night’s rest with all the anxiety.
  4. When A Calorie Isn’t A Calorie. Very informative article, thanks to yet another Twitter find! It’s mostly about eating clean and basic to introduce people to thinking that 100 calories of low fat fried crackers isn’t the same, nutritionally, as 100 calories of (say) raw almonds.
  5. Crushing Doubts. I’m hoping that this weekend I can crush some of the confidence crushers I’ve felt lately. I’m going to tackle those 13.1 miles of hills, and I’m going to revel in the after-race-party, and I’m going to love wearing my medal! (Did you know I was running in a half marathon tomorrow?? haha)

I’m really looking forward to this weekend. Not only because of the half marathon on Saturday, but I’m hoping to host a little Easter gathering with friends Sunday evening. Then M and I are headed to Cincy for the Reds Opening Day on Monday! I just hope the weather holds up and is at least decent for us!

What are you looking forward to this weekend?


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