5 Things Friday — 3.22.13

Because of my trip, I wasn’t able to do a “5 Things Friday” last week, so this includes stuff from the past couple of weeks. So, let’s get going!

  1. Ten Miles Crushed I crushed my first 10-mile race a couple of weeks ago. I felt strong before, during, and after the run, even with the additional 3.1 miles I ran. That was also my last long run before the Run The Bluegrass Half Marathon that’s next weekend, so I’m hoping that was good enough to help me be prepared for the race.
  2. Loving Yogurt Bowls. I am loving making my own granola and then having a big bowl of Greek yogurt, a sliced banana, and granola for a meal. I have to thank my friend Nicole for the inspiration to make my own granola. I need to get different nuts and grains to change it up some.
  3. The Tulsa Experience. I had so much fun with my friends and Dally in Tulsa for the AKC National Agility Championships. Merinda and I had fun doing photo ops with the dogs on our drive out there. I got some great shots I can’t wait to get printed and framed to hang on our walls!
  4. Sweating Pink. While I was in Tulsa, I got an email announcing I had been selected as a Sweat Pink Ambassador! I’m so excited about the opportunities that will come with this program and I can’t wait to share them with you.
  5. Welcome Spring! Orrr…maybe not. Last week I was all about the sunshine and warm temperatures (heck, in Oklahoma it was in the 80s while we were there!), but this week Spring (which officially started on Wednesday) is being shy and won’t come out from under winter. WTH?? I’m hoping it’ll warm up before the half marathon next week!

M’s job schedule is getting switched up again. Now I know law enforcement isn’t the most predictable, but it’s hard when his schedule keeps getting switched every couple of weeks. I have no idea how he’ll be able to adjust to working midnight to 8 am and have a “normal” life on days off, but we’ll have to figure out something. This means that the am workouts we’ve been doing together will no longer happen, and he’ll just have to meet me at the gym after work now.

Speaking of workouts, last night I went to Complete Nutrition to get some more protein powder for me, and to start M on some. The guy working there, Tom, helped me out a lot, pointing out a couple of different powders for both of us. I decided to go with the V-Core ProComplete Vanilla Bean powder for both of us (I want to make sure M will be committed to using protein shakes before I spend big bucks on the one I liked for him). I like vanilla because it’s more flexible than other flavors when it comes to mixing it with fruits, etc. Tom even recommended mixing it with Trop50 for an orange creamsicle taste–great idea!

He also suggested a pre-workout for an energy boost mostly for M before he goes to the gym, but I can also use it throughout the day when I’m feeling a little sluggish. It was half-off, so I figured it’d be worth a try. He recommended drinking it right before going to the gym, or I can sip on it throughout the day. The only flavor left was the cherry pomegranate  but it’s pretty good! (I decided to sip on a bottle of it throughout the day to see how I like it.) I’m hoping it’ll help M start to achieve his weight loss goals a little faster to kick start his training for the police department’s physical test.

Sorry for the crappy photo, this was the quick snapshot I took to message M after I got back from the store.

Sorry for the crappy photo, this was the quick snapshot I took to message M after I got back from the store.

I’m going to give both products a try and let you know what I think of them. I’ve been using GNC’s Total Lean 25 vanilla protein powder before, but I am always up to try new things.

What are your favorite workout supplements?


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