Back into the Swing of Things

Last night Dally and I finally made it home to Lexington after about 11 hours of driving. Well, actually I was co-pilot and my friend Merinda was the driver. It was a great trip definitely full of great memories.

Our weekend in Tulsa in four shots!

Our weekend in Tulsa in four shots!

Even though I packed running shoes and clothes, I didn’t get a chance to run while we were in Tulsa. Even though I found a nice park I could have run at, it wasn’t easy to get to walking from the hotel, and I didn’t want to be a bother to Merinda. There really was only one day that I really was able to run, and it was better to walk the dogs instead. So basically I only ran Tuesday night when I got in 6.5 miles around my only neighborhood. I was hoping that the break from running would help my knee feel better, but I didn’t account for all the walking around the fairgrounds, plus running Dally on the courses, etc.

My left knee has had a bit of swelling and has been achey lately. I’ve been icing it after my runs, but it hasn’t felt better. At first I thought maybe it was because my knee cap was grinding down on the cartilage again (I don’t have much in my knees thanks to volleyball, riding horses, and now running). But I’m afraid it might be something else. My mom thinks it might be tendonitis or something with the bursa that can only be treated by a specialist. I’m going to wait to see an orthopedist until after my half marathon next weekend, but I’m afraid it might mean I shouldn’t do the Derby Half Marathon a month later…

I still got out on the treadmill after work today and belted out a 5 mile hill interval run in 47:54 and I felt great (well, minus my knee). After stretching and doing some pushups and crunches, I headed home to walk the pups and get them to stretch their legs in the park.

I’m currently trying to get back into the swing of things this week. I’m trying to get in as many runs as possible before my half marathon (I can’t do a long training run this weekend because I have another agility trial). I’ve got lots to update you on, including sharing some more photos from Tulsa, my StrideBox review, and my SweatPink ambassadorship!

What have I missed while I was gone??


4 thoughts on “Back into the Swing of Things

  1. I’m sorry your knee is bothering you, I hope icing and taking it easy will help it some. I had really bad knee pain last year when I first started running and it was an issue with my hips, since I have started stretching more my knees haven’t bothered me. Can’t wait for more of an update on the weekend with Dally

  2. Boo on the knee!!! Hope it gets better!! I just became an ambassador too!! Are you still doing the Bluegrass?!? I’m thinking of buying some sweat pink gear for it!

    • Thanks! And congrats on your ambassadorship! I’m excited–already ordered my tank top! I’m still running in the RtB, just have to manage. Might not do the Derby now, tho. :-/

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