Eating Healthy While Stressed/Pressed for Time

While you’re reading this, I’m currently on the road to Tulsa, Okla., for the 2013 American Kennel Club National Agility Championships with my Corgi, Dally. This is the second year in a row we’ve qualified and are competing, but of course I’m full of nerves.

While we’re competing, we’ll have a couple of horse stalls for our crating area. They’ll be full of crates, dog treats, and of course people treats. Long, stressful weekends like the one we’ll have in Tulsa means the only real meals we’ll have is dinner, at some point in the evening. And by then, we’ll be ravenous and usually down a beer (or two, depending on if we’re celebrating or not). Not the healthiest environment when it comes to someone who tends to be a binge eater, especially when stressed.

So I’m hoping my friends and I can help combat that with healthy snacks in the stalls–I’ve heard some say they’ll bring grapes and carrots, I’ve got a bag of pretzels, some clementines, and my popcorn mix I made for Christmas (recipe to come soon). But there will be candy (jelly beans, anyone?), “special cookies” Merinda and I made, and who knows what else. I’m thinking of taking a little bit multi-grain bread with some peanut butter and maybe hard boil some eggs for a quick lunch/snack.

Some times the best way to combat the threat of unhealthy snacking is to have a variety of healthy snacks so you have the right options. Then it’s a matter of will-power and choosing the right things.

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