Parents Weekend Wrap-Up

This weekend was a pretty relaxing, which is pretty good because I needed it with how crazy this month is going to be. My parents came into town Friday, and M started working second shift that same day, so it was a little weird at first. I had some already baked, semi-mashed sweet potatoes in the refrigerator that needed to be used up, and since it was Lent, I decided to try my hand at making a curry sweet potato soup.

I found the Roasted, Curried Sweet Potato Soup recipe on Pinterest and had to go buy curry powder for the recipe, but that wasn’t a big deal. I didn’t include the yellow onion (just some chopped, dried onion). And, since I had already baked the potatoes, so there was no need to roast them (but it’d be interesting to try this recipe with them actually roasted with the coconut oil). I served the soup with a very veggie salad mix and whole wheat biscuits to my parents. They liked the soup, as did I, except we all agreed there was too much curry powder in the recipe and it wasn’t very sweet. I didn’t want it to be very sweet, but this had way too much curry powder. Next time–less curry, roast the potatoes, and maybe add a little bit of brown sugar.

That night I decided to make sweet potato bread quick bread with the remaining sweet potatoes for us to have for breakfast all this weekend. I was excited that I had all of the ingredients listed, so I dove right into the recipe. This was a great success! When I came home from my 13-mile run Saturday morning, this was a great breakfast, along with some chai latte. Sooo yummy! I am totally going to make this recipe again (recipe to come later this week).

Sweet Potato Success--Roasted, Curried Sweet Potato Soup and Sweet Potato Quick Bread

Sweet Potato Success–Roasted, Curried Sweet Potato Soup and Sweet Potato Quick Bread

The rest of the day, Saturday, was spent enjoying a big lunch with M and my parents, followed by camping out on the couch while my parents read and I dozed–exhausted and starting to have sore legs from my run. We splurged and ordered a pizza for dinner and watched Sherlock Holmes (with Robert Downey, Jr., and Jude Law) on television–so good!

Sunday, after polishing off the sweet potato bread along with some scrambled eggs with sautéed spinach, low-fat shredded cheese, and some turkey), mom and I set about to check out Kentucky Crafted: The Market, to see if it was a show she should try to get a booth in for her shop. It was a fun outing with her, checking out different artisans and some of the unique foods (apple salsa and pineapple chutney?? So good!) while it snowed outside. Then we met M and my dad for dinner at a barbecue joint before they hit the road back up to Indiana.

After the parents left and M headed off to work, I decided to add some layers and hit up my new friend, and fellow blogger, Nicole to meet up for a dog walk around the University of Kentucky’s Arboretum. We’ve chatted online and text for a while, and we’re both training for the Run the Bluegrass, we just haven’t gotten a chance to meet up. Luckily she and her vivacious Goldendoodle, Bentley, were up for a cold walk. Nicole writes over at Fruit N Fitness about her half marathon training (this will be her first race ever–brave girl!), and healthy eating while still studying for her graduate degree. (Plus she’s a horse girl, too–can’t beat that!)

The walk was a brisk one, but we got in 2.4 miles (perfect to stretch out our legs from our long runs the day before) and we got to know each other a little better. Thanks for meeting up with me, Nicole!

After the walk and a little cleaning, I tackled some food prep for the week, part of the HealthysELF challenge for the weekend. Unfortunately I didn’t get to do much prep, because I had an interview for a story I forgot about, but I was able to get a double batch of the Chunky Turkey Veggie Soup prepared and a few hardboiled eggs made for dinner and snacks this week. It’ll be interesting to see what I do while I have most nights to myself–I’ll still need to make dinner, so I can continue to eat healthy and make M dinner to take to work with him the next day. So while I figure it out, I’ll have to do more food prep later.

My extent of weekend food prep: double batch of Chunky Turkey Veggie Soup and hardboiled eggs. I'm going to do better next time, I promise!

My extent of weekend food prep: double batch of Chunky Turkey Veggie Soup and hardboiled eggs. I’m going to do better next time, I promise!

Now it’s time to tackle yet another week!


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