13.1 Miles for Training

Saturday’s calendar had “Training-13 Miles!” on it. I was supposed to go to the last training run over the Run the Bluegrass course, but that wasn’t starting until 7:30, and I was wanting to be done as early as possibly because my parents were in town. Luckily some women from one of my running groups had decided to get together at the Kentucky Horse Park at 6 am. Extremely early? Maybe. But it also meant I’d be done early and I wouldn’t be dead the rest of the day (and Sunday) from all the hills.

Saturday dawned cold–about 25* with scattered snow flurries. (If it weren’t for knowing that there were two people waiting for me, I don’t know if I would have made it!) I layered up, and I think I finally got it right–winter running tights, winter athletic shirt (Champion) with a mock turtleneck underneath, and my 3/4 zip athletic pullover with gloves and headband–yes I was chilly at first, but I was never too warm, and it eliminated me having to take off layers while running!

I tried some new long run fuel this weekend--some Sport Beans before (which I had had before) and some GU Chomps for during (very inconvenient packaging, though). The Skratch drink mix wasn't used, but will be next weekend.

I tried some new long run fuel this weekend–some Sport Beans before (which I had had before) and some GU Chomps for during (very inconvenient packaging, though). The Skratch drink mix wasn’t used, but will be next weekend.

The go was a little choppy for a while–some of the roads around the park were slick, so as we’d try to go one way, we’d stop if it was too slick and we’d turn around. There were a few times we stopped and stretched (plus one potty break after the first loop), but it was a pretty good run. I think we stayed pretty consistent, which is nice (because I have a problem with pace consistency). The scenery also helped–we had spectators of the four-hooved kind.

Here are the splits:

Mile 1 – 10:12
Mile 2 – 9:47
Mile 3 – 9:34
Mile 4 – 9:53
Mile 5 – 9:55
Mile 6 – 9:56
Mile 7 – 10:00
Mile 8 – 9:40 (Pause)
Mile 9 – 9:56
Mile 10 – 9:42 (Pause)
Mile 11 – 9:56
Mile 12 – 9:50
Mile 13 – 9:34
0.14 Nubbin – 1:28
Total – 13.14 02:09:29 (Better time than my first half marathon last year!)

Once again, I didn’t take any photos during the run–gloves don’t allow easy photo-taking with an IPhone. So you’ll just have to believe me when I say the scenery is gorgeous. 😉

Around Mile 11-12 I started to feel some pain/tightness in my left quad, but it started to work its way out when I went downhill. I pushed through the tightness in my hips and tried to finish strong. There might not have been as many hills, or as steep, but there were hills, so it was a good workout for the race.

I’m feeling more confident about the race. I’ve only got one more weekend for a long run before life takes over for a couple of weeks before the half marathon, so I’m hoping building my base this early will be a big help.

How was your weekend run?


2 thoughts on “13.1 Miles for Training

  1. It took as long to motivate myself to get out to Keeneland as Chris Miara and I spent running…and I only did 10.5 miles in two hours. Your splits are what I would like to have run, but that ain’t gonna happen when I only get out twice a week. Congratulations on an excellent time for the half marathon distance!

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