5 Things Friday – 3.1.2013

It’s March! Yay!! I am so happy to see it finally be March, but then it freaks me out because I have a lot of stuff going on in these short 31 days! I should do a rundown of the month to come for you (and for me)… But first, let’s wrap-up the week (and the month) with this week’s 5 Things Friday:

high five

  1. Odd Cravings. Why is it when we’re sick with something like the cold, or just not feeling 100% we have some weird cravings? Wednesday evening, when I wasn’t feeling my best, M asked what I wanted for dinner. My response? Mac and cheese (real macaroni and cheese, not quinoa or spaghetti squash mac and cheese like I’ve made in the past, but noodles and not-so-healthy ingredients lol). That, or queso and chips. Unfortunately, I didn’t get either, but instead was given a plate of baked chicken, SteamFresh veggies, and pineapple…it was still yummy.
  2. Relaxing Runs. Monday proved to be a great day to have beautiful weather and a little extra sunshine after work. I was able to get out of the office and run for about 5.5 miles. I just wanted to run, and that’s exactly what I did. It was refreshing and it felt good to get off of the treadmill.
  3. Spinning Wheels. I’ve been doing a lot of thinking like “If I wasn’t doing my current job, what else would I be doing?” And let me tell you…it’s dangerous thinking! I’ve been picking the brains of people in the areas I’m interested in and learning more and more about education needed, etc. Am I looking to change jobs immediately? No. I like my job, but there’s always that thought in the back of everyone’s minds as to what else they would do if they could. It doesn’t hurt to research and learn more.
  4. Parents! My parents are coming into town today for the weekend! I haven’t seen them since Christmas, and they haven’t been to Lexington since the wedding, so it should hopefully be a good weekend with them. They’re looking forward to getting away and relaxing (not getting away and working a booth at a fair like my mom has been doing lately). It’ll be nice to see them.
  5. New Schedule. M got his new schedule for work this month–they switched him to second shift (wah waaahh). 😦 Not cool. Second shift is 4 pm to midnight, which means we won’t get to make/eat dinner together, and now we’ll only really get to see each other for an hour a day when I take my lunch break. We’re not the happiest about it, but for right now it’s a job. The kicker is he started the new shift today, and works through the weekend, so he won’t get to spend much time with me and my folks (who knows if that’s a good or bad thing for him, haha). The girls will be happy, though, because they’re back to running loose all day!

Tomorrow I tackle a full 13 miles, and it’ll most likely be over the entire dreaded Run the Bluegrass course, which means more hills than I can imagine. I’m not sure if I’m ready for it, but this is a good way to know the lay of the land of the entire race, which is now in four weeks! Be prepared for a full report this weekend (I’ll try not to whine too much.)


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