12 Miles Conquered in the Cold

The day dawned cold, and early, for me–5 am alarms on a Saturday can be cruel, but when you’re waking up early to get your mileage in, you just want to get out there and get it done.

If you’re joining a little late, I’m training for the Run the Bluegrass Half Marathon at the end of March. I’ve had to up my mileage/training earlier because I will be missing some weekends of training (like next weekend and a weekend in mid-March) due to dog agility trials. So this weekend I had 12 miles on the docket. I ran with one of the running groups I’ve joined, and Keith took us on a “wild goose chase for 12 miles” all around the city of Lexington.

There were some hills, so I was still getting hill work in, and we started out at a quick pace–much faster than the past few runs. So, needless to say that towards the end of the run, my legs were feeling heavy and dead, but I pushed through. In fact, after getting separated from the leaders of our run, I ended up running 12.5 miles. I probably could have pushed myself to run the rest of the way to my car, which ended up being a full 13.1, but I didn’t want to push my luck with my legs, so I walked the last bit. Funny thing is, I still ended up finishing the 13.1 with a faster time than my first half marathon last April! Maybe that’s a good sign for March?


Here were my splits:

Mile 1 – 9:42
Mile 2 – 9:38
Mile 3 – 9:46
Mile 4 – 9:56
Mile 5 – 9:33
Mile 6 – 9:46
Mile 7 – 9:49
Mile 8 – 10:27 (<–Big hill and traffic)
Mile 9 – 10:01
Mile 10 – 10:13
Mile 11 – 9:54
Mile 12 – 9:42
0.5 nubbin – 5:35
Total: 12.55 miles 2:04:09 (9:54 average)

It was a crisp 25 degrees when we started and ended, and even though it was cold, I was soaked with sweat–steam was pouring off of me as I stretched next to my car on the cold asphalt. I promptly came home, whipped up a banana protein shake, stretched more and foam rolled, then relished a long, hot shower. (Which was good, since I had icicles in my hair after my run.)

True story: My hair had icicles in it after my run!

True story: My hair had icicles in it after my run!

Now I’m off to do some agility training with the dogs while rocking my ProCompression socks to help me recover.


3 thoughts on “12 Miles Conquered in the Cold

  1. Wow good for you getting up so early on a Saturday! I don’t think my alarm clock even knows what 5am is haha 🙂

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