5 Things Friday – 2.15.13

Happy Friday! I’m always looking forward to the weekends any more, because it means I have my long training run and then relaxation!

So let’s get right to my five things for this week:

  1. M’s New Job. Last Friday M was offered a job as a security guard at the local horse racetrack, and he started on Wednesday! I’m so excited for him and he seems to be liking everything so far. Yesterday he commented that the days go by pretty quickly for him because he’s so busy, which is a very good thing! The money might not be what we’re used to, but that just means doing a better job at budgets and maybe picking up overtime (for him) and more side gigs (for me). No word, yet, on what shift he’ll have permanently, though…
  2. Healthy, Easy Cookies. I tried two new healthy cookie recipes over the weekend and loved them both. You can’t go wrong with oatmeal raisin or peanut butter cookies! I hope you’ve had a chance to try them.
  3. Fit 40. So we haven’t had the best start for our Fit 40 for Lent challenge between the two of us, with Valentine’s Day yesterday, but you can always start fresh and regroup the next day. This weekend I see us coming up with some meal plans (M has to take his lunch with him now anyway), so hopefully we’ll get some healthy grocery shopping in this weekend.
  4. Running Love. Wednesday I posted a blog post as part of #Runchat’s “Why I Love Running” contest and I won a prize! I won two boxes from StrideBox. I don’t know much about this concept, but I’m looking forward to the goodies and will share with everyone when I find out more.
  5. New Tradition. For M’s Valentine, I bought a book recommended by Elle. I found it at Anthropologie (they just opened a store here in Lex) and I gave it to him saying that every night, when we go to bed together, we should take turns reading some of the book to each other. This might not last very long, if he gets second shift for work, but for now it’s something we both need for affirmation of our marriage/relationship with each other. I’m excited to see how the book plays out.
Fall in Love for Life

Fall in Love for Life

Here’s an article I’m looking forward to reading (when I have a moment) by Tina. Perfect timing considering I’ve been feeling this way: Is Marriage Making You Fat? 3 Ways to Stop Overeating Thanks, Tina!

And, one last thing that’s made me smile today. Because of the meteorite that smashed into Russia earlier today, my friend Merinda posted this on her blog that I loved! Tips from the Brews Brothers.

Tomorrow morning I’m braving another double-digit run in frigid weather, only this time starting at 6 am. Cross your fingers my foot holds up for 12 miles….


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