Hills, Hills, Everywhere There are Hills!

It’s only 11 am and I’m exhausted! This morning I tackled 11 very hilly miles around some of the prettiest running scenery you’ll ever experience.

The organizer of the Run the Bluegrass, the half marathon I’ll be running in at the end of March, has organized some training runs over the course with 4, 7, and 13.1 mile options. It’s a great way to learn what you’re going to find for the race. And let me tell you, if you think you train on hills, you haven’t until you run this course! As you’re going up one hill, you think you’ve reached the top, but you find another incline with a curve. It was tough. I was wanting to do 11 or 12…hoping for 12, but when we got to about 10 I could feel my calves burning and my left hip flexor hurting and I knew I shouldn’t push myself past 11 and save 12 for next week. I ran the 7-mile loop, then turned around and did the 4-mile loop.

Mile 1 – 9:55
Mile 2 – 10:14
Mile 3 – 10:13
Mile 4 – 10:04
Mile 5 – 10:03
Mile 6 – 10:10
Mile 7 – 10:24
Mile 8 – 10:31
Mile 9 – 10:25
Mile 10 – 10:12
Mile 11 – 9:51
Total: 11 miles in 1:52:08

Miles 7-9 were all uphill! Crazy! But yet, when you’re running next to Thoroughbred horse farms and rolling hills with foals and horses sprinting next to you, you can’t help but push through the run and enjoy everything about it.

One of the best parts was having fresh donuts waiting for us at the parking lot. The race organizer got with a new, local bakery and they provided donuts for all the runners this morning–you can’t beat that! I’ve learned runners will basically run for anything–beer, donuts, Starbucks. If it’s food and/or drink related, we’ll do it!

11 miles = No Guilt Donuts

11 miles = No Guilt Donuts

The rest of the day my legs will be rocking compression socks for recovery, that’s for sure! I’ll be doing some agility training with the dogs (have to get it in today before the rain tomorrow) this afternoon, then tonight M and I are going to celebrate his new job!

Happy Saturday!

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