Snow Day Running

So we know when it comes to running, you can’t expect perfect weather all of the time. Earlier this week I was running in short sleeves in 50 degree weather. This morning I woke up and it was 20-degrees and snow was in the forecast. Surprise! It’s February, not April.

Considering Friday it was only 13*, 20 was a warm-up. But there was a winter weather advisory for this morning… Sure I could have just rolled back under the covers when my alarm went off at 6, but luckily I had hooked up with another running group that was meeting up, no matter the weather. So I piled on the layers–tights with winter running pants, Cold Gear shirt, 3/4 zip pull over, fleece, vest, and neck cover–and headed to the rendezvous point. I knew I had on a lot of layers, and after the first mile I took off the fleece,  and then I was fine.

I was aiming for 9-10 miles and ran with a group of runners going around a 10-minute mile pace. I was alright with going slower because I knew the route would be slick and i didn’t want to fall.

The snow started falling after we started on our run. I was thankful for borrowing my husband’s neck cover so I could cover my face to protect it from the snow and to help my breathing. There were points I wasn’t able to really look forward because of the snow pelting my eyes (totally need skier’s goggles), so I was happy to have others to run with who can let you know if we’re turning or a car is coming up.

There were some slick spots (we saw some spots where the runners ahead fell), but I was able to stay on my feet–go me! There were a couple of points we walked for a while because we were nervous about the going. So, yes, the time wasn’t as fast as it could have been on a dry, “prefect” day. But, that’s OK. I still got out there and ran and enjoyed the company and tales of other runners.

So here are my splits:

Mile 1 – 10:23
Mile 2 – 10:14
Mile 3 – 10:28
Mile 4 – 10:41
Mile 5 – 12:57 (really slick spots where we walked, plus a hill that we took slower)
Mile 6 – 10:27
Mile 7 – 10:47
Mile 8 – 10:33
Mile 9 – 10:18
Mile 10 – 11:22 (snow was really heavy the last two miles!)
0.2 Nubbin – 2:01
Total – 2:01:54

By the time we were done, my eyelashes were so heavy with snow/icicles and my front was caked in snow! Craziness!

Caked in snow, but happy my 10 miles is done!

Caked in snow, but happy my 10 miles is done!

After ordering a chai latte at Starbucks, I braved the snow-covered roads (it had snowed 3 inches during my run) to head home for a hot shower. Now we’re relaxing and debating going bowling with friends later.

Happy Saturday!


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