Five Things Friday-The First Edition

I’m jumping the bandwagon to do “Five Things Friday”–just a way to wrap up the week and gear up for the next one.

But first, I just wanted to say Happy February! Last night we had some major snow and wind–we couldn’t even see our neighbors! I woke up this morning to about an inch or two on the ground and single digits (7*, with the wind chill at -11*!). I slept in because today’s my rest day as I gear up for 9-10 miles tomorrow. Last night I finally got M to join me at the gym and we did some circuits that I thought might leave me sore, but no soreness here (now M, on the other hand, I wait to hear him whine…haha).

This was the crazy snow blowing around.

This was the crazy snow blowing around.

So now, for my Five Things Friday:

  1. Easy meals! This week I created a couple easy, but healthy, meals for dinner because I just wasn’t feeling like putting a lot of time into dinner. Wednesday we had my mom’s “Poor Man’s Sloppy Joes” with SteamFresh green beans and potatoes and Thursday we had CrockPot chicken with peppers on a bed of brown rice. 
  2. Spinning! I got back into spinning Wednesday night and loved it! I wasn’t sore yesterday, which is partly good because of my running training, but also bad because I feel like I didn’t work to my strongest efforts. I’m going to do my best to find the right balance for breaking a sweat, but I’m happy to be back to spinning for now.
  3. Flexible February! I’ve joined Clare’s challenge for Flexible February and I’m excited to be more accountable for making sure I stretch properly everyday. You can click on the badge to the right.
  4. Warm weather runs! Earlier this week I was able to get in runs outside in short sleeves and capris! Four miles on Monday after work (yay for a little more light in the evenings) and 3 miles with a friend Tuesday morning before work. And now it’s single digits, and I’ll be bundling up tomorrow to run with a group–not sure how much I’m looking forward to that.
  5. Four years! Today is me and M’s four year anniversary of our first date! We were meeting for lunch at a restaurant before the Super Bowl, and he was 15 minutes late. He actually caught me on a patient day. (He misunderstood a couple of things.) He seemed like a nice enough guy, and we chatted about football, friends, and family. We texted each other throughout the game while I was watching with a friend.
Celebrating Lexington during the Bluegrass Pub Crawl in 2009.

Celebrating Lexington during the Bluegrass Pub Crawl in 2009.

Tonight we’ll do a simple celebration at home, maybe some pizza, wine, and Family Game Night on the XBox (flashback to old times when we were first dating), then going out Saturday. (I have a long training run in the morning tomorrow, so I don’t want to get too crazy with food/drink.)

What are five things you’re happy for this week?


2 thoughts on “Five Things Friday-The First Edition

    • No way!! Awesome! So are you doing the Run the Bluegrass? We should get together for lunch or something! (I’m a horse girl too, if you couldn’t tell.)

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