Spin Doctor

Last night I visited an old friend that I later realized I had been missing a lot–the spin bike.

I used to spin at least once a week and always loved it, but lately I haven’t been too inspired to attend a class, nor did I know the schedule. While I was home for lunch I happened to look up at the group fitness schedule and noticed Wednesday spinning had been moved earlier to 5:30–perfect! (And I also noticed that they are now offering spinning at 5:45 am twice a week?? Score!) So I packed my gym bag with capris and a tank, perfect for the sweat session I had been needing.

Spinning bikes

I was a little concerned about the wear that spinning could do to my legs, which is part of why I hadn’t been doing it with my half marathon training. But I wanted needed a good sweat session without much thinking, and that’s what spinning is best at. So I reminded myself that I controlled the resistance and to not overly challenge my legs (afterall, it was my first class in like a year, plus I had a long, hilly run coming up this weekend).

Fifty-one (yes, the instructor had our class last 51 minutes…) minutes later, I was soaked with sweat with a clear, relaxed mind. I did a set of push-ups (really focusing on my form in the push-ups) and some ab exercises before stretching. I find it really important to get in some core work when you’re doing spinning because you might forget about your form on the bike.

When I started spinning a few years ago, I was lucky to have had a couple of instructors who really helped me learn about proper form and how to get the most out of the workout. (I’ve found that the instructors at my current gym don’t focus on that very much, which is a shame.)

I’m going to try to incorporate more spin classes into my cross training now that the classes are being offered at more convenient times for my schedule. And I hope I can get M to rejoin me on a bike (he went a couple of times last year).

Your turn: What workout have you realized you’ve been missing lately?


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