Taking Advantage of the Weather

TempsHow often does it happen that the weather is in the mid-50s and it’s semi-light when you get out of work in the middle of January? Not often. So I took advantage of the weather Monday by getting in a run in my old neighborhood by my gym after work. I missed out on a long training run over the weekend because I was in Tennessee for an agility trial, so I wanted to push my speed over 4 miles and see how I felt.

My first mile was my fastest in a long time–8:13! After that, I slowed down, but I still ended up running 4 miles in 0:34:19 (8:44 avg min/mile). Not bad!

I cooled down on an elliptical in the gym, then did some upper body with resistance bands, and then some core work before stretching and heading home. I forgot how much I enjoyed using resistance bands–I think I’m going to have to start incorporating them in my workouts for a change from the free weights.

Then after dinner (pasta with meat sauce M had made a couple of weeks ago and we froze, with some Very Veggie salad mix), I decided the pups needed to go on a walk since our lunch walk didn’t happen in the earlier rain. So while M worked on his homework, we set out for a 2-mile walk in pants and a sweatshirt…still warm! The perfect way to kick off the week!



2 thoughts on “Taking Advantage of the Weather

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